Fluent Support vs ThriveDesk – Which Is Worth Your Investment?

Fluent Support vs ThriveDesk

Customer support is an aspect all businesses struggle with and for a platform like WordPress it is tenfold. For WordPress businesses that provide stellar support, it often starts with the tool they use because it’s usually the tool that empowers the business. Fluent Support and ThriveDesk are two prominent WordPress plugins that offer solutions for these key business aspects.

Choosing the right tool can be challenging, given the multitude of options available. To assist you in making an informed choice, we’ve prepared a comprehensive comparison of Fluent Support and ThriveDesk. Both plugins have distinct features and functionalities.

Cet article de blog propose une analyse approfondie des deux plugins, couvrant les fonctionnalités, les prix, la facilité d'utilisation, les options d'intégration et bien plus encore. À la fin, vous disposerez des informations nécessaires pour choisir celui qui convient le mieux à votre entreprise.

Join us as we explore the strengths and weaknesses of Fluent Support and ThriveDesk, helping you make an educated decision to meet your business requirements.

Fluent Support vs ThriveDesk at a Glance

Commençons par voir comment ils se comparent les uns aux autres en un coup d'œil

FonctionnalitéFluent SupportThriveDesk
Prix de départ$77/year$25/mois
Caractéristiques principalesBillets illimités
Nombre illimité d'utilisateurs
Nombre illimité d'agents
Chat en direct
Billets illimités
Intégrations eCommerce étendues
Assistance par courrier électronique, chat et Discord
Portail WP
Chat en direct illimité
Application mobile
Facilité d'utilisationExcellentExcellent
Évaluation de WordPress4.6/54.7/5
Période d'essaiPas de période d'essai14 jours

Présentation de ThriveDesk


ThriveDesk emerges as the quintessential support solution for businesses seeking effective customer support. It caters to businesses of all sizes, offering a robust yet user-friendly live chat assistant with a special focus on eCommerce entrepreneurs.

Geared towards small businesses, ThriveDesk presents a plethora of features, encompassing a helpdesk software, ticket management, WP Portal, swift replies, effortless file sharing through the chat widget, emoji integration for effective communication, customer satisfaction surveys, eCommerce-oriented sales tracking reports, comprehensive knowledge base search capabilities, and robust monitoring tools and much more.

ThriveDesk’s lightweight, optimized design ensures seamless website functionality without any disruptions. The intuitive and decluttered agent interface guarantees prompt responses for maximum efficiency while maintaining your website’s seamless operation.

Furthermore, ThriveDesk offers a mobile app that empowers businesses to provide round-the-clock customer support from anywhere. They are heavily optimized to ensure that their customers can provide top-tier customer experiences.

Overview of Fluent Support

Fluent Support

Fluent Support operates as your personal customer service aide seamlessly integrated into your WordPress environment. Its purpose is to enhance and optimize the way you manage customer inquiries, offering a comprehensive solution suitable for businesses of various sizes.

A standout characteristic of Fluent Support is its système de billetterie, streamlining the creation, allocation, and monitoring of support tickets. Bid farewell to the confusion of scattered emails and messages – Fluent Support consolidates everything efficiently.

Moreover, Fluent Support provides customizable forms that allow you to gather specific customer information when they seek assistance, reducing unnecessary back-and-forth communication and expediting the support process for improved efficiency. Additionally, Fluent Support incorporates a knowledge base feature for creating and sharing informative articles that address common customer queries. You also have access to reporting and analytics tools, enabling you to assess your support team’s performance and measure customer satisfaction.

Gestion des billets


Présentation de WP Portal et de l'API

ThriveDesk’s ticket management capabilities are designed to streamline and organize your customer support operations. With multiple shared inboxes, you can efficiently handle customer inquiries across various channels. The platform supports email ticketing, allowing for a seamless flow of communication. ThriveDesk’s assistive AI enhances response times and aids in prioritizing conversations. 

You can easily manage conversation activities, set statuses, and access conversation history for reference. Teammate assignments and inbox access control ensure efficient distribution of tasks among your support team. Additionally, custom auto-replies, HTML signatures, and auto-bcc features offer flexibility and personalization in your customer interactions. 

Avec la prise en charge des pièces jointes et la possibilité de fusionner les conversations, vous pouvez maintenir des dossiers d'assistance client complets et organisés. Que vous ayez deux boîtes de réception partagées ou un nombre illimité, ThriveDesk fournit les outils nécessaires pour fournir une assistance client de premier ordre.

One unique component of ThriveDesks ticket management is Portail WPqui vous permet d'ajouter un centre d'assistance au sein même de votre site web WordPress. Vous pouvez consulter l'historique de vos conversations d'assistance ou même créer un nouveau ticket directement à partir du portail. Cela leur permet d'offrir à leurs clients une assistance rapide comme l'éclair. 

Fluent Support

Fluent Support takes the complexity out of ticket management through its user-centric design, putting businesses in the driver’s seat when it comes to handling customer inquiries. This easy-to-use platform simplifies the process of creating, categorizing, and tailoring tickets, transforming customer support into a seamless and efficient operation.

For heightened efficiency, Fluent Support offers advanced filters and a robust search function, allowing for quick and effective ticket sorting. This streamlines response times and ensures your support agents can effortlessly manage their tasks. Additionally, the system provides a snapshot of your support desk’s status, offering clear visibility into ongoing and resolved inquiries.

Fluent Support doesn’t stop there; it introduces customizable ticket tags, giving you the freedom to label tickets according to your specific organizational preferences. This adaptable approach to ticket management allows you to align support operations with your unique style, enhancing control and simplifying the overall support process.

Notre choix : ThriveDesk. Portail WP feature of their ticket management is a game changer. 

Email Marketing and Automation


ThriveDesk, much like Fluent Support, focuses primarily on stellar support ticket management, with no built-in email marketing. However, ThriveDesk offers native workflow automation and robust CRM integration through plugins such as Funnelkit and the aforementioned Fluent CRM, which provides comprehensive email marketing and marketing automation capabilities. 

Avec l'intégration de Fluent CRM, vous gagnez la possibilité de créer et d'exécuter des campagnes d'emails ciblées, de contrôler leur performance, et d'établir des séquences d'emails automatisées. Cette option d'intégration fait de ThriveDesk un choix attrayant pour ceux qui recherchent un mélange de gestion de tickets de support et de capacités marketing robustes.

Fluent Support

Fluent Support offers a dedicated tool for email automation known as Fluent CRM. While it doesn’t come bundled with their support software, Fluent CRM delivers robust email marketing and marketing automation features. 

You can create and send targeted email campaigns, monitor their performance, and establish automated email sequences. This integration, provided by Fluent Support, makes it an appealing choice for merging support ticket management with marketing capabilities.

It also provides some native workflow automation as well. 

Our pick: Fluent Support.

Chat en direct


chat en direct

ThriveDesk on the other hand offers a solution robuste de chat en direct qui améliore vos capacités d'assistance à la clientèle. Avec des fonctionnalités telles que l'identification des prospects, les informations sur les utilisateurs et les visiteurs, le suivi des visiteurs en direct et les réponses instantanées, il fournit des informations en temps réel et des réponses rapides aux demandes des clients. Le widget de chat personnalisable de ThriveDesk pour le web et le mobile vous permet de maintenir une image de marque cohérente. 

You can also seamlessly transition chats into tickets, ensuring no customer query goes unaddressed. Moreover, the integration with app and knowledge base services, along with multilingual support, empowers your team to deliver efficient and personalized assistance to customers, making it a valuable asset for your business.

Fluent Support

Fluent Support, as a customer support software, lacks a live chat feature, which is a significant drawback for businesses seeking real-time engagement with their customers. Live chat has become an essential tool for instant customer support and issue resolution. 

Its absence in Fluent Support’s offerings can result in missed opportunities for prompt and efficient communication with customers. This limitation may lead to customers’ frustration due to delayed responses, impacting their satisfaction and overall customer experience. To maintain a competitive edge in the customer support software market, integrating a live chat feature for immediate support is essential.

Notre choix : Thrivedesk. They provide a live chat and Fluent doesn’t. Live chat is an essential feature for WordPress. 

Rapports et analyses



ThriveDesk offre le strict minimum en termes de reporting and analytics stats to help you determine the performance of your support. You have access to data such as the number of tickets assigned to particular agents, their average resolution times and the customer ratings they received. They keep it strictly functional. 

Fluent Support

Fluent Support excels in this realm by offering extensive reporting and analytics capabilities that provide in-depth insights into your team’s performance and overall business operations. It goes beyond basic statistics, delivering comprehensive data that enhances your understanding of your team’s dynamics. These reports include personal insights, agent performance metrics, individual agent summaries, hourly activity analysis, product-specific statistics, and comprehensive business performance reports.

Notre choix : Both are pretty limited in comprehensive reporting and analytics features.

Tarifs et plans


Démarrage$25/mois (4 sièges)
Plus$85/mois (10 sièges)
Entreprise$25/place par mois (Minimum 10 places)
A partir de décembre 2023

Fluent Support

Single Site License$77/year 
Agency License$149/year 
50 Sites License$239/year 
A partir de décembre 2023

Both Fluent Support and ThriveDesk offer a variety of pricing plans to choose from. However, with ThriveDesk you get more bang for your buck. Even their most basic plans come equipped with 2 mailboxes included, 1 knowledge base, live chat assistants, internal notes with @mentionsLes règles de base de l'automatisation et bien d'autres choses encore.

Overall, ThriveDesk just offers better value for the money than Fluent Support. It offers more features and flexibility, and it is more affordable for mid to small sized businesses.

Our pick: ThriveDesk. Better value for money. 

Facilité d'utilisation


ThriveDesk is a helpdesk solution that shares a commitment to user-friendliness. Its intuitive interface caters to users of all skill levels, providing a seamless experience in managing support tickets. Beyond ticket management, ThriveDesk simplifies the onboarding process cutting down required learning time for new reps. They have a clean and clutter free dashboard allowing a clear visualization of open tickets, metrics and agent activity. 

As part of its user support, ThriveDesk offers comprehensive documentation and resources which are instantly searchable and shareable from their knowledge base design, making it a quick and accessible option for those new to supporting plugins. There are also features such as ticket routing and macros which make it an overall human friendly software.

Fluent Support

Fluent Support is  designed with user-friendliness in mind. It offers an intuitive interface that makes handling support tickets, email marketing, and marketing automation accessible to users of all skill levels. Setting up email campaigns and automated sequences is streamlined to enhance user productivity.

The Fluent Support team also offers robust documentation and support resources. If you’re new to CRM and support plugins, these resources can help you get started quickly and make the most of the tool.

Our pick: ThriveDesk. Better and more user friendly design. 

Options d'intégration


ThriveDesk is a very capable support ticket management tool but It also includes features for email marketing and marketing automation, which means it integrates with email marketing platforms and third-party services to provide a seamless experience. 

Voici quelques-unes des intégrations qu'ils proposent :

  • WordPress : Connect WordPress data to ThriveDesk and enable the use of WPPortal on your WordPress site.
  • Wix : Fournir aux clients de Wix une assistance par chat en direct, par courrier électronique et par la base de connaissances.
  • Google Tag Manager : Ajoutez l'Assistant ThriveDesk à votre site web en utilisant Google Tag Manager.
  • Joomla ! Mettre en place un chat en direct sur un site web Joomla.
  • Intégration approfondie du commerce électronique : Intégrer ThriveDesk avec WooCommerce, SureCart, Easy Digital Downloads, et Freemius.
  • Slack : Connectez ThriveDesk avec Slack pour une communication et une collaboration rationalisées.
  • CRM : Accédez à de nombreux services et solutions tels que FunnelKit et Fluent CRM. 

Fluent Support

Fluent Support is designed to be more than just a support ticket management tool. It includes features for email marketing and marketing automation, which means it integrates with email marketing platforms and third-party services to provide a seamless experience. 

Voici quelques-unes des intégrations qu'ils proposent :

  • WooCommerce & EDD: Let customers open support tickets against orders and select store products for queries. View customer orders and purchase history from a ticket view.
  • Membership Plugins: Integration with Restrict Content Pro, Paid Membership Pro, and Wishlist Member. View member’s membership information from a ticket view.
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS): Integration with LearnDash, LifterLMS, and TutorLMS. View student details when supporting.
  • BuddyPress / BuddyBoss: Get a detailed overview of community members from the ticket overview.
  • Smart Automation: Leverage the power of workflows and saved replies for automated responses, internal notes, priority setting, and agent assignment on customer queries. Implement manual workflows for task automation on selected filtered tickets, making it easier to automate multiple tickets with a single click.

Notre choix : Both plugins offer valuable integration options, but the extent and type of integration will depend on your specific business needs. Consider the tools and services you currently use or plan to implement, and evaluate which plugin’s integration options align better with your workflow and goals.

Assistance à la clientèle et documentation



Faites l'expérience d'un support client de premier ordre avec ThriveDesk. Leur équipe est dévouée à votre succès, s'assurant que vos requêtes sont traitées rapidement. Que vous choisissiez de nous contacter via le chat, l'email ou le canal Discord, vous pouvez vous attendre à des réponses rapides en quelques minutes, et non en quelques heures. Leurs représentants du support ne sont pas seulement rapides à aider mais aussi très compétents. 

Leur page d'apprentissage is a masterstroke as well. It contains well-made and thorough video documentation that takes you through various “How to” style videos that make using their software and understanding their features a cinch. It can be extremely helpful for users during the onboarding process.  

Ils comprennent vos questions et fournissent des conseils clairs et concis, rendant vos interactions avec ThriveDesk rafraîchissantes et efficaces. Ils donnent la priorité au succès des clients, et leur support client exceptionnel est là pour s'assurer que vous tirez le meilleur parti de votre expérience avec ThriveDesk.

Fluent Support

Fluent Support is dedicated to providing reliable customer support as well. They offer multiple support channels, including email and a support forum and customer portal where users can seek help and advice. The Fluent Support team is responsive and strives to assist users in resolving their questions or concerns.

In terms of documentation, Fluent Support offers a comprehensive knowledge base that covers various aspects of using the plugin. This resource can be particularly useful for users who prefer to access information independently and troubleshoot any potential issues.

Notre choix : Both plugins offer robust customer support options and comprehensive documentation. Your choice between Fluent Support and ThriveDesk will depend on your preference for support channels and the level of independence you require when using the plugin.

Avis et témoignages d'utilisateurs


ThriveDesk has mostly positive reviews. Users particularly appreciate its robust ticket management, sleek and user-friendly UI, live chat and the availability of a mobile app which allows them to provide support on the go. 

It holds a modest 4.8/5 G2 rating with user reviews such as

Fluent Support 

Fluent Support has received positive feedback for its versatility. Users appreciate its robust ticket management features, email marketing capabilities, and marketing automation, which provide a holistic solution for managing customer interactions.

Many users find Fluent Support to be a one-stop solution for customer support and marketing, which streamlines their workflow and simplifies communication with customers. It holds a modest 4.6/5 WordPress rating with user reviews such as

However, some users have mentioned that their customer support can be unresponsive for long periods, which creates problems for customers.

Fluent Support Bad Review

Il est essentiel de lire les commentaires et les évaluations des utilisateurs pour comprendre comment chaque plugin fonctionne dans des scénarios réels. Ces informations peuvent vous aider à peser le pour et le contre et à déterminer quel plugin correspond le mieux aux besoins spécifiques de votre entreprise.

Notre choix : ThriveDesk. On average, ThriveDesk’s customer service agents reply faster than Fluent Support. Quick and efficient customer support is hard to compete with when it comes to preference. 

Sécurité et confidentialité des données


ThriveDesk prend la sécurité des données très au sérieux. Avec un ensemble de mesures robustes en place, ils s'assurent que les informations des clients restent protégées et que leurs interactions avec la plateforme sont sécurisées. L'authentification à deux facteurs est utilisée pour l'accès à ThriveDesk, et leur protocole Secure Shell est protégé par un mot de passe. L'infrastructure est continuellement renforcée pour résister aux menaces potentielles, et tous les serveurs reçoivent des mises à jour de sécurité régulières. 

They host their servers in EU regions, maintain Denial-of-service protections, and implement a comprehensive monitoring system to identify issues proactively. Their encryption practices follow state-of-the-art techniques, including strong TLS keys and Forward-Secrecy, guaranteeing the confidentiality and integrity of customer data. ThriveDesk complies with GDPR regulations to safeguard customer privacy. 

Fluent Support

Fluent Support prioritizes data privacy and security. They collect personal information, including order details, and automatically gather device information as users interact with the site. To safeguard personal information, Fluent Support employs encryption and digital signatures for sensitive data exchanges. 

They are transparent about data collection and usage, ensuring users understand how their information is processed and their rights to access, correct, or delete their data. Additionally, Fluent Support is actively working to implement General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) principles, demonstrating their commitment to staying compliant with evolving privacy regulations.

Notre choix : ThriveDesk. Leur mention explicite de la mise en œuvre des principes du GDPR et l'accent mis sur la transparence peuvent fournir un niveau d'assurance légèrement plus élevé pour les utilisateurs préoccupés par la protection de la vie privée et la conformité avec les réglementations en matière de protection de la vie privée en constante évolution.

Making Your Decision: Fluent Support vs ThriveDesk

You’ve conducted a thorough comparison of ThriveDesk and Fluent Support, exploring their features, pricing, user-friendliness, integration capabilities, customer support, and user experiences. Now, it’s time to decide which solution best suits your business’s unique requirements.

Prioritize Your Needs: Start by defining your business priorities. Are you primarily focused on efficient support ticket management, or do you seek a more comprehensive tool that includes marketing automation and email marketing? Clarify your specific needs.

Budget Considerations: Carefully assess your budget and select the solution that fits your financial constraints. Both plugins offer free versions and paid plans, so choose the one that delivers the most value for your investment.

Team Skills and Workflow: Consider the proficiency of your team and your current workflow. If you have a support-centric team and require a straightforward, user-friendly solution, Fluent Support may be your ideal choice. For businesses seeking a broader platform that combines support with marketing and customer management, ThriveDesk could be the right fit.

Integration Alignment: Take into account your existing and planned toolset. Ensure that the chosen plugin seamlessly integrates with your ecosystem to streamline your business operations.

Support and Resources: Assess your preference for support options and the importance of documentation. Select a plugin that aligns with your preferred support channels and your reliance on self-help materials.

Real-World Insights: Lastly, factor in the experiences of other users. Reading reviews and feedback from fellow businesses can provide valuable insights into the practical performance of each plugin.

Lequel choisir pour votre entreprise ?

Fluent Support offers very support specific features, encompassing support ticket management, email marketing, live chat and marketing automation. While its feature set is versatile and suitable for businesses looking for a one-stop solution for support and marketing, it also places a high value on data privacy and security. Fluent Support is actively working to implement GDPR principles, showcasing its commitment to compliance with evolving privacy regulations.

D'autre part, ThriveDesk offre un large éventail de fonctionnalités, notamment la gestion des tickets d'assistance, l'automatisation du flux de travail et le chat en direct. Bien qu'il soit parfaitement adapté à la plupart des petites et moyennes entreprises, il peut également prendre en charge des entreprises plus importantes. Il accorde également une grande importance à la confidentialité et à la sécurité des données.

En fin de compte, la décision de choisir entre ces deux logiciels sera centrée sur les besoins de l'entreprise, mais si ces besoins se traduisent par de solides fonctions de billetterie, une interface utilisateur bien conçue, un service client de premier ordre et des prix abordables, alors... ThriveDesk devrait être votre référence. 

Vous voulez des clients satisfaits ?
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