7 Best Live Chat Software for Banking in 2024

best live chat software for banking

Providing responsive, personalized customer service is crucial for banks and financial institutions looking to build trust and loyalty. Live chat software has become an indispensable tool for delivering convenient, real-time support. However, not all live chat solutions are optimized for the unique needs of banking.

This article will compare the best live chat software for banking and highlight key features like compliance, security, and omni-channel integration. We will analyze how leading options from ThriveDesk, Zendesk, LiveChat, and other providers stack up on critical parameters like ease of use, mobile compatibility, analytics, and advanced automation capabilities.

With online and mobile banking growing exponentially, customers expect instant and seamless assistance at their fingertips. The right live chat system allows your team to meet this demand while remaining compliant, converting leads, and delighting customers. 

Whether you’re a national retail bank, local credit union, or digital-only fintech disruptor, this guide aims to match you with the ideal live chat platform for enhancing your digital-first customer engagement.

7 Best Live Chat Software for Banking at a glance

SoftwarePricingKey Features for Banking
ThriveDeskStarts at $25/monthSecurity (end-to-end encryption, 2FA, SOC 2 & GDPR compliance), Customizable chat, Files Sharing, CRM Integrations, Canned Responses
Zendesk SunshineStarts at $69/agent per monthOmnichannel messaging, conversation orchestration, compliance-ready security, core system integrations
LiveChatStarts at $20/monthOmnichannel support, chatbots, mobile SDKs, PCI DSS compliance, activity monitoring
HelpshiftStarts at $20/monthSecure messaging, automation with bots, customer data unification, conversational analytics
REVE ChatLive Chat starts at $13.5/agent per month
Chabots starts at $44/month
Co-browsing, Screen Sharing, Video & Voice Chat, Secured Live Chat
FreshchatStarts at $19/agent per monthUnified desktop, automation workflow builder, HIPAA compliance, real-time analytics
Nextiva ChatCustom pricingReal-time monitoring, PCI compliance, SMS integration, custom data collection

7 Best Live Chat Software for Banking in depth


Live Chat New

ThriveDesk offers a customizable and mobile-ready live chat platform tailored to enhance banking customer service. Its lightweight yet powerful live chat widget provides a familiar experience that matches your brand identity. ThriveDesk aims to help banking clients boost satisfaction through personalized, instant support.

Key features of ThriveDesk:

  • Customizable chat widget aligning with brand aesthetics
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android to support digital banking customers
  • Customer profile access showing order history and key data to personalize service
  • Collaborative chat enabling agents to consult colleagues on complex issues
  • Automation and AI-powered chatbot to handle common inquiries
  • Real-time notifications to stay up-to-date across conversations
  • Integration capabilities to unify with core banking systems
  • Analytics for insights into performance metrics like CSAT and resolution time
  • Security measures like 2FA, encryption, firewalls, and vulnerability monitoring
  • GDPR compliance for data privacy assurance
  • Infrastructure hardening to maintain service availability
Intuitive interface and tailored branding create familiar client experienceLack of native mobile alerts
Mobile support caters to rise in mobile bankinLimited integrations available
Customer data access helps personalize and contextualize support
Collaboration features assist with solving complex queries
Competitive plans available for different business sizes
Automation reduces volumes for common questions and boosts efficiency
Real-time notifications keep agents in sync across channels
Robust security controls protect sensitive banking data

ThriveDesk Pricing:

Starter$25/month (4 seats)
Plus$49/month (10 seats)

ThriveDesk’s pricing plans are fair and competitive. The company offers a variety of plans to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes

For banks seeking secure, personalized live chat capabilities, ThriveDesk provides a robust platform reinforced by essential security measures.

Zendesk Sunshine 

Zendesk Sunshine 

Zendesk Sunshine brings mentioning teammate and together conversations, customer data, and integrations into a unified platform tailored for banking and financial services. It aims to provide seamless omnichannel support and a 360-degree customer view.

Key features of Zendesk Chat:

  • Omnichannel messaging via website, app, and social channels
  • Intelligently switch conversations between bots for instant responses and agents for complex issues
  • Get a unified profile by connecting customer data from CRM, payments, lending and other systems
  • Robust access controls, encryption and activity audit logs to comply with banking regulations
  • Detailed records of conversations and platform access for financial audit trail requirements
  • Reports tailored for key banking KPIs like customer satisfaction, inquiry resolution times, self-service deflection rates etc
  • Workflows tailored for common banking transactions
  • Embed chat and messenging inside your core banking systems through out-of-the-box integrations
  • AI-powered bots to provide instant assistance with banking transactions 24/7
Unified messaging simplifies engagement across banking channelsRequires IT involvement for advanced configuration and system integration
conversation orchestration provides seamless hand-offs between bots and agentsSteep learning curve for administrators to master extensive customization options
Unified customer data enables personalized financial guidanceFragmented interface between multiple apps and add-ons
Robust security controls help meet banking compliance needs
Activity monitoring and audit logs support financial reporting
Custom workflows streamline common banking transactions
Bots reduce wait times for common questions

Zendesk Pricing:

Suite team$69/agent per month
Suite Growth$115/agent per month
Suite Professional $149/agent per month
Suite EnterpriseCustom pricing



LiveChat is a customer service and live chat software designed to help small businesses improve communication with website visitors in real-time. With LiveChat, businesses can chat with customers directly on their website using customizable chat widgets.

Key features of LiveChat:

  • Supports SMS, email, and WhatsApp Business, allowing banks to engage customers through their preferred channels efficiently
  • Robust reporting helps banks track key metrics, improving service quality and customer satisfaction
  • Integrates customer data and eCommerce tools, aiding banks in driving sales and providing personalized services
  • Ensures secure data storage following regulations
  • With encryption and access restriction features, LiveChat ensures the security of customer data, crucial for banking institutions
  • Enables sharing documents within the chat securely
  • Leverages AI to provide quick responses, reducing reply time and improving communication efficiency in banking inquiries
  • Enables efficient management of agents and groups, ensuring smooth operations and practical customer support in banking contexts
Supports various messaging channels like SMS, email, and WhatsApp Business, providing flexibility in customer communicationLiveChat’s pricing plans might be relatively expensive for smaller banking institutions with limited budgets.
The platform offers comprehensive reporting and analytics tools, allowing banks to track key metrics and improve service qualityMastering all the features and functionalities of LiveChat may require time and resources, especially for new users.
Leveraging AI capabilities, LiveChat can provide quick and detailed responses, enhancing communication efficiencyWhile LiveChat offers over 200 integrations, setting up and managing integrations with existing banking systems could be complex
LiveChat prioritizes data security with encryption and access restriction features, ensuring the privacy of customer informationDespite customization options, some banking institutions may find LiveChat’s customization capabilities somewhat limited compared to other platforms
The platform offers features for efficient management of agents and groups, facilitating smooth operations and effective customer supportLiveChat’s effectiveness relies on stable internet connectivity, which could pose challenges in regions with unreliable internet infrastructure.

LiveChat Pricing:

Starter $20/month
Team $41/month
Business $59/month
EnterpriseCustom pricing

Helpshift Live Chat

Helpshift Live Chat

Helpshift’s Live Chat solution enables businesses to provide real-time assistance to customers through convenient, web-based chat sessions. This powerful tool allows support teams to engage with customers directly on a company’s website or mobile app, addressing inquiries and resolving issues with speed and efficiency.

Key features of Helpshift Live Chat:

  • Web & Mobile In-App Messaging/Chat allowing customers to directly chat with a customer service representative in real-time within the banking app, providing immediate and convenient assistance.
  • Mobile SDK Integration enables a seamless integration of the live chat functionality within the mobile banking app.
  • Email Support allows customers to initiate communication through email, offering an alternative way to reach support if live chat is unavailable or preferred.
  • Agent Desktop provides a dedicated platform for agents to manage and respond to customer inquiries received via chat or email.
  • Out-of-Box Analytics and Reporting helps banks track and analyze customer interactions, providing valuable insights into customer behavior and areas for improvement in the live chat service.
  • Automated Issue Routing can be configured to automatically route customer inquiries to the most appropriate agent based on factors like expertise, workload, or topic of the inquiry, ensuring efficient resolution.
Customers can get immediate assistance within the familiar environment of the banking app, improving accessibility and satisfactionSecurity and compliance are paramount in banking. It’s crucial to ensure Helpshift meets the industry’s strict regulations
Live chat allows agents to handle multiple inquiries simultaneously, potentially leading to faster resolution timesDepending on the specific needs of the bank, the level of customization offered by Helpshift might be limited
Real-time interaction fosters better communication and understanding, enhancing customer experienceIntegrating Helpshift with existing banking systems might be complex and require additional resources
Analytics provide valuable data on customer interactions, helping banks understand customer needs and improve serviceMalicious actors could potentially exploit live chat functionalities for fraudulent activities, requiring robust security measures
Helpshift can potentially integrate with existing systems like email, offering a unified platform for managing customer communicationWhile the free trial offers basic features, it might not be sufficient to fully evaluate the platform for a complex banking environment

Helpshift Live Chat Pricing:

Starter Plan$150/month
Growth PlanCustom
Enterprise PlanCustom



REVE Chat offers specialized live chat solutions tailored for financial services and banking institutions. With features like co-browsing, video chat, and live engagement tools, it enables personalized customer interactions, enhancing the online banking experience.

Key features of REVE Chat:

  • Collaborate in real-time with customers to provide personalized assistance during banking interactions.
  • Guide customers remotely through their banking journey with screen sharing capabilities.
  • Deliver premium support and personalize conversations with real-time video and voice chat.
  • Ensure data security with 256-bit encryption for secured live chat conversations.
Personalized interactions through live chat tools foster better customer engagement and satisfaction.Mastering all features may require time and resources, especially for new users.
Features like canned responses and automated routing improve efficiency, reducing customer support costsIntegrating with existing systems could be complex, potentially requiring additional setup time.
Reach customers across various channels, offering personalized experiences and improving business results.The effectiveness of live chat relies on stable internet connectivity, which could be a challenge in regions with unreliable infrastructure.
Provide instant solutions to banking queries with digital engagement tools like video chat and co-browsing.

REVE Chat Pricing:

REVE Chat charge separately for Live Chat and Chatbot. 

REVE Chat Live Chat pricing:

Standard$13.5/agent per month
Advanced$22.5/agent per month
Enterprise$45/ agent per month

REVE Chat Chatbot pricing:




Freshchat is a feature-rich live chat and messaging platform designed to wow customers, fast track agent productivity, and provide powerful insights. It brings modern messaging capabilities through channels like web, mobile, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat and LINE. Features like chatbots, canned responses and analytics help improve operational efficiency. Omnichannel presence and scalability make it well suited even for large banks. Compliance with security regulations is a must for financial services.

Key features of Freshchat:

  • Omnichannel engagement via messaging on web, mobile, social media platforms
  • AI-powered chatbots for instant 24/7 automated responses
  • Team inbox for fast context switching
  • Canned responses to speed up agent replies
  • Visitor intelligence to understand customer journeys
  • Performance analytics to optimize operations
Scalable cloud-based infrastructure enables supporting large chat volumesCan be overwhelming to manage for very small bank teams
Secure and compliant (ISO, SOC2, GDPR) to meet banking standardsAdvanced customization requires developer skills
Deep third-party integrations with core banking systemsAdditional charges for some premium features
Easy self-service options to deflect calls and lower costs
Boost CSAT with faster chat response times

Freshchat Pricing:

Growth$19/agent per month, billed annually
Pro$49/agent per month, billed annually
Enterprise$79/agent per month, billed annually

Nextiva Chat

Nextiva Chat

Nextiva Chat is a omni-channel customer service solution perfect for banks. It enables real-time conversations between bank customers and agents via chat widgets on the bank’s website and mobile app.

Key features of Nextiva:

  • Live Chat for real-time conversations with customers
  • Internal Chat enables agent collaboration
  • Unlimited chat history for reference
  • Convert chats to cases for issue tracking
  • Customizable chat widgets match bank branding
  • Internal wiki speeds response times
  • Robust security protocols and encryptions
Drives faster issue resolution by connecting customers with agents in real-time chatAdditional fees required for advanced chatbot conduits
Improves employee communication through internal chat and collaboration toolsExtensive security needs may require custom add-onsns
Encryption secures sensitive customer data in transit and at restWebsite performance can slow if chat is not properly optimized
Compliant with PCI, HIPAA, SOC2 to meet data security regulations
Seamless case management retains chat history for continued context

Nextiva Chat Pricing:

Nextiva Chat has custom pricing. You need to contact their sales team to get a quote. 

Choosing the Right Live Chat for Banking

To conclude options such as Zendesk Sunshine REVE Chat and Nextiva Chat provide robust live chat services but their cost-to-value ratios seem to be skewed. ThriveDesk can stand in as a worthy alternative if you’re looking for a cost-effective live chat solution with robust features; it is tailored precisely to the sector’s unique needs. With a focus on compliance, security, and omni-channel integration, ThriveDesk ensures seamless customer engagement while adhering to regulations and safeguarding data.

ThriveDesk offers a hassle-free and well-equipped live chat experience for banking or financial institutions. It excels in ease of use, mobile compatibility, analytics, and advanced automation. Its intuitive interface and mobile app integration empower banking teams to deliver instant assistance, meeting customer expectations in today’s digital banking landscape.

ThriveDesk equips banks with tools to enhance digital-first customer engagement, convert leads, and foster long-term relationships. Whether you’re a retail bank or a fintech disruptor, ThriveDesk sets you apart with exceptional customer experiences.

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