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Workflow automation is like having a helpful assistant in customer support. It simplifies tasks, meets deadlines, and keeps everything organized. By automating processes, it saves time and makes sure customers get quick responses. This boosts efficiency and keeps customers happy. 

It’s like a secret weapon that helps businesses deliver top-notch support and create a smooth experience for everyone involved.

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Improve team efficiency and reduce the burden on individual team members by distributing workload with powerful automation. Avoid exhausting your valuable team members.

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Use email content to sort conversations
Make sure important conversations stay visible.
Expedite responses that need attention.
Avoid redirecting emails
Sort conversations by inbound email addresses.
Conversation is equal to Active
and Customer message contains order confirmation
Add tag(s) confirmation email
AND Copy to folder Confrimation Email

AND Assign to @Alex

Conversation is equal to Active
AND Converstion tag(s) contain high-priority
Copy to folder High Priority
AND Add note High value customer

AND Assign to @Mason Kane

Conversation is equal to Active
AND Last user reply is not in the last 6 hours
AND Last customer reply is not in the last 6 hours
Add tag(s) Urgent
AND Send an email notificaiton to Current Assignee, Me
Conversation subject is equal to Refund
OR Conversation body contain refund
Add tag(s) Sales
AND Send an email notificaiton to Current Assignee, Me

AND Assign to @Catherine

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ThriveDesk lets you manage your conversations across multiple channels from a single dashboard. And yes, we have a 7-day free trial and we don’t ask for your credit card.
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Here’s what some of our customers have to say since switching to ThriveDesk.

I love the ThriveDesk so much. It’s easy to use and user friendly also best choice who need to change his classic support system and get live-chat benefits in built. Also included many features like knowledge base and community, etc.
One of the things I love about this plugin is its ease of use. The support system is intuitive and allows me to easily track the status of each ticket, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.
I’ve been using ThriveDesk on my business site for about a month. It’s serving our purpose really well.
Good Luck to the amazing team.
ThriveDesk is an ambitious help desk software that has the potential to be the best. As an early adopter, I’m glad to hop onboard ThriveDesk and hope to see it progress well as a Help Scout / Zendesk competitor.
It is without doubt one of the best customer support softwares and to top it off, it’s quite affordable. Kudos to the ThriveDesk team!
a really great tool, Help me to take care of my customers quickly and promptly, making the orders continuously increase. Thanks to good customer care
Congratulations on the launch of your new book, "Experience Matters: Hidden Secrets to Elevating Your E-commerce Business." I expect to learn new things for the book.