Simple, Affordable Help Desk Software For Exemplary Customer Service

In a small business, everyone wears multiple hats. Thrivedesk is so easy to use and understand that anyone in your company can become a support-pro very quickly and without any difficulty.

Who is ThriveDesk for?

We specifically cater to small businesses because we understand that enterprise-oriented help desk software may not be well suited for start-ups and small businesses.

ThriveDesk is simple, easy to set up, and will increase your customer support efficiency tremendously.

ThriveDesk is for you if you are

An early stage start-up

A start-up with a growing support team

A business that uses WordPress

Acquire and retain the most valuable assets of your company – your customers, with Thrivedesk.

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70% of people spend more money with a company that has excellent customer service

As an SMB, your brand image, mission and values are hugely represented by your customer service.

With ThriveDesk, customer service teams can easily manage conversations across channels, offer immediate support, and delight customers every step of the way.


ThriveDesk is great a tool to manage your support service easily in a smart & elegant way. I love the simplicity & cool design. Good luck for ThriveDesk

GS Plugins

Chief Executive Officer

Track conversations and improve responsiveness with easy-to-use, built-in functionalities

Shared Inbox


Live Chat


Knowledge Base



CRM software that provides a 360º view of all your customer-data in one place

Collect and analyse customer interactions to provide them with more personalized service. Gaining deeper visibility into your customers’ profiles helps to build better relationships and increase customer loyalty.

ThriveDesk is the best software for a company


At WPSmartPay we are using ThriveDesk as our primary support channel. Their Easy Digital Downloads integration for WordPress is the real integration we’ve been looking at.



Better contact insights

Spend less time on guesswork, and more time selling using valuable sales intelligence insights on every customer you communicate with across platforms.

Segment customer

Divide customers with similar characteristics into small groups to customize your marketing efforts. We help you reach the customers who are most receptive to your products and services.

Add notes

Track how a sale is progressing by creating notes on your observations and customer interactions. You can add multiple notes for the same record and revisit it at will.

Integrate with other CRM

Save effort and time spent on toggling from one tool to another. Thrivedesk’s CRM can be integrated easily with other applications, making it more efficient in managing data.

Live Chat

Provide instant support to real-time visitors with our Live-chat Assistant

According to a survey, 68% customers engage in live chat and 63% prefer getting back to a website with live chat for repeat purchase.

Optimize conversions, prevent cart abandonment, and be there for your customers when they need you with ThriveDesk’s Live Chat feature.

Features Include

Live-chat with an agent

Have more human conversations with your customers.

Offline messaging

Offline messages are created as tickets that can be addressed when the team is available.

Automated replies from knowledgebase

Save time by providing your customer with pre-populated replies for specific questions.

Chat bots

Cut operational costs and be available for your customers 24/7.

Proactive Messaging

Send notifications, updates, upsells, and other personalized messages to keep customers engaged.


What gets measured gets improved

ThriveDesk’s Reporting tool helps you make data-driven decisions to support and delight your customers.

Conversations reporting

Use reports on your dashboard to monitor the number of conversations that have taken place, average turnaround time by your customer support team, highest performing team member, and the most popular platform on which conversations are taking place.

Happiness score

The happiness score helps the team, as well as individual members identify trends in the team’s performance.

You have the option to share your happiness score on your website, which will serve as a testimonial to encourage your customers to make a purchase. It also acts as an incentive to boost employee productivity and performance.


Get a quick overview of team performance for any time period. View results for the entire team or individual team members.

Company performance

The company performance report allows you to monitor how your company is performing against your own goals, as well as your competitors.

A knowledge base that serves as a data repository can be readily referenced at any point in time

Reduce ticket inflow, avoid repetitive incident logs, facilitate self-service on the portal, and improve resolution times with a repository of articles that can help the customers find answers to their problems.

Integrate seamlessly with

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Customers are the lifeblood of any business - especially when they are just starting out.

Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to


Technext Limited has been using the ThriveDesk customer support solution for it’s four products – MailBluster, Graduate Network, online Journal Editor & Smart LMS.

So far we are happy with the user experience and solutions provided by ThriveDesk. The customer support is excellent. We are waiting for the upcoming release for one of our most requested features – create support issues manually. That will add more value for our business and help us thrive our customer support.

We wish success for the product and recommend ThriveDesk for our national and international cu stomers.

TechNext Limited

Managing Director


We have been using ThriveDesk as our primary support system and so far we are very much satisfied with the experience.

Earlier, we used Zendesk for our support system but after working with ThriveDesk I would highly recommend ThriveDesk for providing support to users.We could easily integrate ThriveDesk with our website and it’s user-friendly dashboard enables us to manage the content in an organized way. Most importantly, it’s loading time is really praiseworthy which in turn helps to provide quick support to our users. As a result, our customers are happy with our service and we can build a strong relationship with them.


Chief Executive Officer

Use Thrivedesk for free for 14 days. Zero risk. High returns.