Mastering ThriveDesk

These short videos will help you mastering ThriveDesk in no time

Get started with ThriveDesk

Forward email from Gmail

Any email used to talk to your customer, such as support@ or contact@ yourdomain.com can be set up inside your ThriveDesk inbox.

Shared Inbox Overview

Collaborate, communicate, solve customer issues, manage conversations, access live chat queries, and switch inboxes.

Understanding Conversation Screen

Know more about how conversation works and basic operations like assign, tag, search and more…

Using Notes & Drafts

Leave note to a conversation for team members and avoid colliding with duplicate reply with auto draft feature.

Setting up Satisfaction Rating

Measure customer satisfaction with support by implementing a satisfaction survey for every interaction.

Organizing Saved Replies

Set up inbox-specific or global saved replies for frequent and common issues.

Inviting People to Collaborate

Invite team members to ThriveDesk and set access control through permissions.

Setting up Chat Assistant

Start talking with your website visitor with live chat Assistant

Integrating ThriveDesk


Customer can create conversations, message history, and access to knowledge base.


Get realtime notifications inside Slack. New conversation, agent reply, notes and much more.


Integrate Wix store with ThriveDesk and get realtime customer data without leaving the ticket.


Reply to support queries, issue refunds and track incomplete purchases of your Surecart customers from ThriveDesk.


Freemius is the new standard in selling premium & freemium software, plugins, themes, templates, and SaaS.


Email Marketing Automation dedicated to WordPress, and you! Sync ThriveDesk data with FluentCRM in realtime.
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