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Unlimited mailboxes, unbelievable pricing, and a community that wants to see your business thrive. ThriveDesk is collaboration first, easier to use, quicker to set up, and provides a way better experience for your customers.

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Help Scout was a pioneer. We’re picking up the baton.

Help Scout is a great company with a truly pioneering product. Modern helpdesk like ThriveDesk wouldn’t be what they are today without them.

If you’re okay with conventional helpdesk software that forces team members to switch between different applications to solve customers’ problems, ThriveDesk is probably not for you. But if you care about providing an enjoyable experience for your customers and increasing team productivity, you’re in the right place.

ThriveDesk vs. Help Scout Product Comparison

There is a difference between the two tools. Below is a quick glance at them.

Manage multiple organizations

Ability to be part of multiple organizations in a single account.

Functional dashboard
Team and ticket activities, all in one place
Shared inbox

All customer communication is one place.

Live chat

Chat with your visitors and customers in real-time.

Knowledge base

Gather all your knowledges in one place.

Community forum

Create a thriving community to discuss, ideation and Q&A.


Localize ThriveDesk to work with your languages

EU hosted 🇪🇺

All your data is hosted in our EU data center.

Workflow automation
Automate repetitive tasks meet SLAs, assign tickets to teammates & more.
Private notes & mention

Leave private notes inside tickets and mention team member for additional help.

Assignment, Tags & Canned reply

Organize and distribute tasks to members and help them reply fast.

Help center inside your website

Customer can see their tickets and reply directly from your website.

Thriving community
Join other CX, business owners and get fresh ideas as they happen.
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“They really stand behind their product and constantly pushing it forward. Its getting better every day! I can now have all my customers tickets in one place – thats peace of mind.”

— Marius Tyranowski, CMO of Angaben gemäß

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The rest of this page will help you understand why we think ThriveDesk is a better alternative to Help Scout both in terms of value and pricing.

Collaboration first, productivity focused.

Unified inbox, one place not all over the places

Actually collaborative Live chat


With ThriveDesk, multiple agents can chat with customer and solve their issue without interfering with each other's responses.


With Help Scout, agents can chat with customer but often overlap each other reply.

Assistant Live Visitor Tracking
wp portal

Help center when you need it


With ThriveDesk, you can have your own help center in your WordPress website, no coding required.


With Help Scout, you have to build your own help center using their API.

Global and Inbox specific canned reply


With ThriveDesk, access global canned reply from all inboxes or create for specific inbox only.


With Help Scout, you can only create inbox specific canned reply.

saved replies
Switch Workspace

Be a part of multiple organization


With ThriveDesk, you can be part of multiple organization in a single account and switch organization instantly.


With Help Scout, you can't be part of multiple organization in a single account.

ThriveDesk is more affordable than Help Scout


With ThriveDesk, you can grow your customer service team without overspending.


With Help Scout, you have to upgrade to higher plan and pay more when your team grow.

Help Scout vs ThriveDesk pricing
Knowledge base overview

Simple and SEO friendly Knowledge base


With ThriveDesk, you can create nested categories to organzie your articles and URLs are readable for SEO.


With Help Scout, category nesting is not possible and URLs are pretty gibberish.

Create community to discuss and share ideas


With ThriveDesk, instantly create a thriving community to discuss ideas and help customer help themself.


With Help Scout, there is no community option and you've pay for another 3rd party software.

community discussions
mobile app

Mobile ready when you step out the desk

You’ll find all the features you love from ThriveDesk’s web app on the mobile app 👇

Integrate with other apps you already use

ThriveDesk connects with hundreds of apps seamlessly to simplify your team’s workflow.


When comparing ThriveDesk with Help Scout people typically ask the following questions before they make the switch to ThriveDesk

I am on a grandfathered plan. Can you match it?

Yes, we can match your plan with Help Scout, however it relies on a few factors because we want to ensure that every deal we make is profitable (i.e. we do not match AppSumo deals). Simply provide us an invoice so we can confirm that we're able to execute the work.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes, we can try your plan for free for 7-day. If you don't like what you see, just 1-click close your account.

Do you offer discount for startups & non-profits?

Yes, we offer per-user discounts for non-profits. As a startup ourselves, we understand the value of your money. ThriveDesk was designed to be affordable for startups and small businesses just getting started.

Can I bring all my data to ThriveDesk?

It depends on how you've set things up but generally yes. During migration we can help you port all your setup over to ThriveDesk but may have to do it in a more 'ThriveDesk-way' as every platform is different.

How long does a migration take?

90% of migrations are done within a day. The remaining 10% depends on the size of the data you have.

Do I need to pay for the migration?

If you are on our PRO plan, we will migrate your account at no cost. Others need a one-time fee for migration, with prices varying based on the volume of your data.

We've been building ThriveDesk for 2 years and 31 days.

And we’re just getting started. Come help us build the next generation of customer support automation software. We’ll see you inside.

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