Help Desk Features

All the features you need a Help Desk software to stay productive and thriving customer support.


Advanced formatting

Use bold, italics, hyperlinks, lists and quotes to make your replies more readable for your customers.

Auto reply

A confirmation message that is sent to customers as soon as their email is received.

Auto BCC

Automatically BCC an email address (like your CRM) to keep an external record of all your replies.

Collapsible threads

Collapse and expand all messages in a conversation for easy viewing.

Create conversation

Create a new conversation and assign a team member directly in ThriveDesk.

Delete conversation

Clear the clutter by deleting conversations you no longer need.

Email forwarding

Automatically forward incoming mail to your ThriveDesk inbox to track conversations.


Private communication between users that is not visible to the customer.

Satisfaction ratings

Customers rate their support experience, and you can view results in the reports.

Saved replies

AKA canned responses, insert these in two clicks to answer common questions.

Draft replies

Every conversation stored as draft before you send, other team member can edit or send it right away.

Conversation history

Review previous conversation create by customers and track recurring questions.

Attach files

Attach photos or documents up to 19.5MB by dragging them right into the conversation.

Attachment preview

Quickly preview image attachments in conversations without downloading them.

Bulk action

Batch changes to conversations to avoid having to repeat the same action over and over.

Email signature

Set up rich-text-friendly signatures that your whole team can use.

Keyboard shortcuts

Move faster with shortcuts for common actions.

Merge conversation

Merge two conversations together to keep related emails in the same conversation.

Switch inbox

Move your conversations to other inboxes to stay organized with the correct person or team.

Manage multiple inboxes

Support multiple brands or email addresses from the same dashboard with unlimited inboxes.

Manage workspaces

You can use separate workspaces for multiple brand and switch between them easily.


Use powerful search operators to find the exact conversations you need with minimal effort.

Spam filtering

Another layer of spam filtering to help you cut down on the noise


Organize conversations or tag them for future reference, just like you do with email.

Undo send

Helps you catch mistakes before they get sent with countdown periods from 5-30 seconds.


Bend ThriveDesk to your will using OAuth and these read/write endpoints.


Use webhooks to post data to your server whenever a certain event has happened in ThriveDesk.

Apps integration

Connect ThriveDesk to other web services your business depends on.

WordPress integration

You can take full advantage of ThriveDesk Deep integration with WordPress and its ecosystem

Custom app

A quick way for developers to pull customer data from a third party source into the sidebar.


Receive instant notifications in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Team collaboration

User availibility

Set yourself “Away” so your open conversations go to your teammates while you’re gone.


Quickly delegate a conversation to another user when you need help. A notification will send automatically.

Inbox permission

Inboxes can be restricted to specific users and team. They can only see the Inboxes assigned to them.

Granular permission

You can choose whether to give users access to more advanced management features.

Conversation via email

Reply to your customers from your email notifications without logging in.

Email notification

Receive email notifications for activity in ThriveDesk to stay on top of things even when you’re not logged in.

Collision detection

Get real-time alerts when people are viewing or replying to the same conversation and avoid embarrassment.

Knowldege Base

Custom domain

Use your own domain or sub-domain to your Docs site for branding control.

Design control

Change the look and feel of your site with various settings and your own custom CSS.

Helpdesk integration

Search Docs when viewing a conversation and insert a link without leaving the page.

Mobile optimized

Our mobile first design made sure the docs sites works best on any device.

SEO focused

Customize your URL, add keywords, and enjoy an auto-generated sitemap.xml file.


Your site will be served over SSL for no additional charge.


Lightning fast search enables customers to find what they need in seconds.


All static content such as images, videos, css/js are serve from CDN for faster page load.

Unlimited data

Docs can handle all the collections and articles you can throw at it.

Revision history

Access and restore previous versions of an article quickly.

Private collection

Enables you to create an internal knowledge base only for Help Scout users.