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Complete helpdesk solution that works with WordPress without any database queries or maintenance hassle. Incredibly fast, integrate with the plugin you love and a powerful API for everything else.
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WPPortal - The Best WordPress Helpdesk plugin.

Why ThriveDesk is better than other WordPress helpdesk plugin


Your Help Center, Powered by us

Embed Help Center into your WordPress site that won’t make any database calls, no extra plugins dependency.

We handle all the heavy lifting on our servers, delivering lightning-fast results straight to your website.

Live Chat when you need it

Even all the WordPress Helpdesk plugins are using 3rd party Live Chat solutions 🙂

With ThriveDesk, you don’t have to worry about that, you can enable it when you need to chat with your client from your website or your plugin dashboard.

Knowledge Base where you want it

Transform your WordPress articles into a powerhouse Knowledge Base for seamless ticket creation.

Alternatively, embed our Knowledge Base anywhere on your site or plugin dashboard, ensuring effortless access to solutions.

Smart Backup & Security

Say goodbye to worries about website backup and data loss! Our automated backups and robust security protocols ensure your precious data stays safe and protected 24/7.

Introducing WPPortal

Effortlessly embed a feature-rich help center in just minutes, providing a seamless support experience for your users.

View all conversations

Experience the convenience of having all conversations in one place, providing your customers with a unified and organized view.

Conversations threads

All messages neatly compiled under threads for a seamless and clutter-free communication experience

Access to Knowledge Base

Choose the flexibility that suits your needs, providing a robust knowledge foundation for efficient customer support.

Embed into WooCommerce my account page

Simplify customer support on your WooCommerce site! Seamlessly embed a help center into the My Account page with just one click.

Works with any form builder for ticket creation

You may already have a form builder installed on your site. WPPortal is compatible with any WordPress form builder for effortless ticket creation. 
“The ThriveDesk team truly exceeded expectations with their exceptional work on integrating SureCart. Their dedication resulted in a powerful integration that surpassed all our requirements.”
Sujay Pawar
CEO, Brainstorm Force

All the features you needed for thriving customer support

Email Management
Live Chat
Knowldege base

Upgrade your email management

Maximize team efficiency and provide customers with a personalized and helpful experience using ThriveDesk's shared inbox. Do more with less, deliver exceptional support.
Collaborate with ease
Assignments, private notes, collision detection, and more help your team work better together.
Organize your inbox
Stay organized and efficient with a shared inbox—perfect for managing email and team communication.
Automate for efficiency
Automate tasks effortlessly with intuitive if/then logic—choose manual or automatic workflows.
Personalize conversations
Efficiently track and display customer info for faster, superior support—no system-hopping.
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Help customer in real-time

Offer personalized, real-time assistance to your customers directly on your website or within your application. Engage in 1:1 conversations to address their needs promptly and effectively
Start in minutes
Install Assistant on your website or app for instant customer chat and seamless interaction.
Work together live
Effortlessly collaborate with your team using shared notes, assignments, and permissions, just like managing email.
Chat on your terms
Engage in chat when your team is available, smoothly redirecting customers to alternative options when unavailable.
Know who you’re talking to
Leverage tags and customer profiles for swift, personalized assistance tailored to each customer's needs.
More about Live Chat
Assistant Live Visitor Tracking

Deliver instant answers to customers

Offer personalized, real-time assistance to your customers directly on your website or within your application. Engage in 1:1 conversations to address their needs promptly and effectively
Easy to create
Set up your Docs site swiftly and publish your inaugural article within minutes. Start addressing FAQs promptly.
Understand customer needs
Monitor customer search trends to identify high-engagement articles and understand customer interests effectively.
Organized and searchable
Use nested categories to organize your articles and make search easy.
Beautifully branded
Personalize your knowledge base with custom company branding to align it perfectly with your brand identity.
More about Knowldege Base
knowledge base site

Metrics important for your company

Use Reports to track and optimize team efficiency, channel effectiveness, and customer happiness.
Report on what matters
Track volume, response time, resolutions, and user-specific stats for valuable performance insights.
Track custom data points
Monitor customer search trends to identify high-engagement articles and understand customer interests effectively.
Measure happiness
Evaluate customer satisfaction ratings and enhance as needed to drive continuous improvement.
Know your agents
Track agent performance, pinpoint improvements, and enhance effectiveness for optimal customer support.
Learn more about Reporting

Enhancing team productivity

Supercharge your team's productivity with advanced tools and collaborative features designed to streamline workflows and maximize efficiency.
Automate your support
Unleash mesmerizing efficiency in customer support with enchanting automated workflows.
AI powered efficiency
With AI-powered efficiency, sparking an extraordinary customer support experience beyond imagination.
Power of canned response
Instantly respond to customer queries with pre-written canned replies for efficient support.
Keyboard shortcuts
Accelerate workflows with lightning-fast keyboard shortcuts for effortless efficiency and productivity.
ThriveDesk automation


Built for developers by developers, fully extendable and modular. We've implemented hooks and filters which you can use to extend the functionality.
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“ThriveDesk is really easy to use while being super effective. I can say without a doubt that ThriveDesk is the best software for small companies”
Nizam Uddin
CEO of weDevs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How WPPortal works?

    WPPortal is a feature of ThriveDesk WordPress plugin. It enables Help Center inside your WordPress site. 

    Install our plugin and connect with API to enable WPPortal. Then use the shortcode to any page or post type. Once customer logged-in they’ll able to see all their tickets on that page.

  • Do you offer trial for WPPortal?

    ThriveDesk comes with 7-days free trial but you can’t use WPPortal unless you subscribe to a plan that has API access.

    Please check the video tutorials to understand how WPPortal and all WordPress integration works.

  • Can Agency offer support to their client using ThriveDesk?

    Absolutely. If you are running an agency and offer support to your clients for your service or subscription you sell using WooCommerce/SureCart/EDD then ThriveDesk is the perfect choice.

    We offer extensive first-party integration with all major eCommerce plugin for WordPress.

  • Do I need any coding skill?

    NO! You just need to install ThriveDesk plugin like any other WordPress plugin. Just with a few click you can integrate with other plugins and setup a full feature helpdesk.

  • Does your pluign slow down my site?

    NOO! We don’t store or query any data from your database. Everything is sync from our database using API and cached as file inside your server. 

  • Do I need to pay extra for using WPPortal?

    No. If you’r subscription plan has access to API you can use WPPortal.

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