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The All-in-one Live-chat and Helpdesk Support Plugin for WordPress

Have your Thrivedesk plugin up and running in under 5 minutes after the incredibly easy installation and activation. It is extremely user-friendly, and even beginners can use it comfortably.

Ideal for small businesses and startups, the Thrivedesk plugin for WordPress comes with advanced features like shared inbox, live-chat, reporting, integrations, and a lot more.

Needless to say, your team and customers will have a delightful and seamless experience with ThriveDesk.


“We moved from Zendesk to ThriveDesk and I would highly recommend ThriveDesk to everyone. It’s loading time is insane. Our customers are happy with our service and we can build a strong relationship with them.”


Chief Executive Officer

Why businesses love Thrivedesk

Customers have access to their tickets

Customers can access their current and past ticket history on the WordPress dashboard. Having a copy of the issue they raised is always helpful for future reference if the need arises.

Create a ticket template on WordPress

You can create a ticket using the Thrivedesk form builder, and add any field you desire into your ticket.

You even have the option of making certain fields mandatory.

One-click live-chat setup

Live chats ensure deeper customer satisfaction and increase conversion rates and repeat purchases.

Be available for your customer at all times with Thrivedesk’s live chat feature.

The best part- You can have your live chat up and running with just ONE SINGLE CLICK!

Experience seamless integrations with other plugins

WooCommerce Integration

If you sell your products through a WooCommerce website, there is no better way to handle all your customer tickets seamlessly than with a Thrivedesk Plugin.

A separate tab is created to view customer purchase data based on your WooCommerce products and its categories. You can even track WooCommerce products separately.

You can check the total number of orders, order details, and ticket details of the customers.

FluentCRM integration

If you use FluentCRM to store your WooCommerce and EDD purchase data and offer event-based marketing solutions, Thrivedesk is the best helpdesk support plugin you can integrate with it.

With its advanced reporting and workflow logic functionalities, Thrivedesk complements the areas where FluentCRM lacks capability.

Envato integration

If you sell your products on Envato, you can validate Envato licenses and see purchase data inside Thrivedesk.

Thrivedesk also offers advanced analytics and reporting functionalities that can be tapped into to further enhance customer support.

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) Integration

Thrivedesk integration for EDD will show customer information right on your Thrivedesk dashboard.

Upon installation, the following information is available on your Thrivedesk dashboard:

Appsero integration

Appsero has partnered with Thrivedesk to deep dive into customer information and offer plugin usage insights, license management, sales analytics, release management, deactivation analysis and more.


“We moved from Zendesk to ThriveDesk and I would highly recommend ThriveDesk to everyone. It’s loading time is insane. Our customers are happy with our service and we can build a strong relationship with them.”


Chief Executive Officer

More integrations...


Track conversations and improve responsiveness with easy-to-use, built-in functionalities

Shared Inbox

Streamline tickets and make it easy for your team to manage customer conversations with a shared inbox.


Thrivedesk’s reporting tool helps you make data-driven decisions to support and delight your customers.


Collect and analyse customer interactions to provide them with more personalized service. Gaining deeper visibility into your customers’ profiles helps to build better relationships and increase customer loyalty.

Knowledge Base

Reduce ticket inflow, avoid repetitive incident logs, facilitate self-service on the portal, and improve resolution times with a repository of articles that can help the customers find answers to their problems.

Live Chat

Optimize conversions, prevent cart abandonment, and be there for your customers when they need you with Thrivedesk’s Live Chat feature.


Seamless integration with a plethora of wordpress plugins.


We’ve been using ThriveDesk for all our SaaS and WordPress products and we are happy with the user experience and solutions provided by ThriveDesk. The customer support is excellent.

TechNext Limited

Managing Director


ThriveDesk is great a tool to manage your support service easily in a smart & elegant way. I love the simplicity & cool design. Good luck for ThriveDesk

GS Plugins

Chief Executive Officer

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