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Over the last 10+ years of being in the web design and development industry, we learned, without our team we have nothing but a bunch of computers, a black and white office, some desks and chairs.

No machines, no sh**t, only humans create values and a purpose to our thriving community.

Dynamic Human Souls

What it
means to Thrive

It’s not a race, it’s a walk, and the one who enjoys the journey wins. No quota on winning, no 1st, 2nd or 3rd positions! Everyone’s a champion. 

ThriveDesk was built on this core value! Helping, not just businesses, but people with the thriving mentality in the most HumanLY manner.

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The “NO”
behind ThriveDesk

People keep asking why we love saying “NO”. Bcoz we love saying no to failure, no to helplessness, no to being inhuman

We tumbled halfway through developing ThriveDesk; now funding it straight outta our pocket for over one and half year risking a lot, but isn’t risk a human factor? faith too! Right? So is saying no to giving up!

Say Hello to Some Crazy’s


Parvez Akther

Founder At your service

Rasel Rana Rocky

Co-Founder (Architect)
abu huraira

Abu Huraira

Web Artisan (Engineer)

Ashiqul Islam

Money Maker (BizDev)

Rakib Uddin

Rider (Engineer)

Al Amin

Web Artisan (Engineer)

Rijoanul Hasan

Problem Solver (Engineer)

Amir Hossain

Web Artisan (Designer)

What everyone think we do @ office 👇

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What we actually do 😉

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ThriveDesk Isn't

Lover’s destination Cattle farm Grandma pizzeria Intercom clone 

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