Privacy Policy

Applicability of this Privacy Policy

We are committed to safeguarding your privacy and information to the best of our capabilities and with due adherence to the industry standards and the applicable laws. This is our privacy policy and it is applicable to anyone who has come across our website or has interacted with our products and services in whatever manner, which includes but are not limited to visiting our website or our physical offices, purchasing and/or using our products or services and through communicating with us directly through our communication platforms or through using thrid-party communication, etc.

Scope of Privacy Policy

This privacy policy must be read in conjunction with our Terms of Services and Cookie Policy and are aplicable to the customers.

The policy matters related to employees, collaborators, affiliates and business partners are governed with separate and personalised agreements duly executed with them individually.

What are the Types of Information that Thrivedesk Collect?

From a site visitor to a customer we collect several different types of information but in a broader sense it can be separated into two categories, namely, a) personal information and b) Non-personal information, however, the latter is less prominent and its use and collection are rare.

Personal Information

Most of the information that we receive is personal in nature, such as Name, Registered Email Address, Contact Information, and Company Name, Mailing addresses, geolocation, etc.

Non-Personal Information

All the other informations that does not constitute as personal information, such as the website you have visited before entering our website, how you have intereacted with our pages, email, screen, with linked clicks, duration and all such informations will be regarded as non-personal information.

It is noteworthy that we do not collect or store your credit card or any other financial information and as such information shall be prcocessed by payment gateways.

How do Thrivedesk use your information?

Thrivedesk uses your information for the following purposes:

  • In order to effectively provide our services we process both your personal and non-personal information such as to create, manage, administer your account with Thrivedesk and also to effectively discharge our duties within our terms of services.
  • It is impertive that we maintain a proper service through communication on a regular basis, should we need to provide you a proper and effective customer support and assist you on your queries and warn you about any possible threat or assist you to amend any security risk or to merely communicate marketing contents.
  • In order to accelerate our services effectively we may need to analyse your traffic patterns, trends, monitor usage.
  • We may need from time to time to analyse your information to uphold the interest and the security of the Thrivedesk platform should there legitimately arise any situation that may ammount to violation of our terms and services. 
  • Sometimes it may be required to process your information should there is a need to comply with the government agencies and to adhere to any legal obligation that is by applicable laws are to be required. 

Does this Policy Applies with the Links of Other Websites

Thrivedesk is only responsible for the data and information collected on its platform or website, we do not take any responsibilities for any other website that are not owned or operated by us, therefore, should you land on any other website due to following any link redirecting from our website to any other website, you shall be within the ambit or their privacy policy, not ours. 

Could my Information be Transferred to any other Countries?

Your information could be transferred to any other countries where we have stationed our employees remotely, however, such information is to be retained and process within our servers and system, and no such information will be disclosed publicly until required as per this privacy policy and terms of services.

Do the customers have the Choice of Deleting all the Data Stored?

Thrivedesk is very transparent as to its data policy, we provide complete independence to our customers in regards to the disposal of their data should the customer wishes to have their data disposed of completely, we shall delete and dispose of our data immediately.

Please contact us related to your data or privacy related issues.

Do not track

We do not meddle with certain browser features through which a customer can opt for refraining the Thrivedesk from collecting data should the customer opt for such options.

Amendment or Correction of Data

Customers can opt to amend or correct their personal data from their respective accounts and the data information which are not amendable for correction from the customers portal, they may opt to contact us.

Amendment to this Policy

Thrivedesk reserves the right to amend this privacy policy at any time, the customers regarding the changes of the privacy policy shall be duly notified to their respective email addresses and via portal notification. This page will also be updated with the amendment of the policy and the older version of the privacy policy shall be available in an archive and the link shall be given herein once such amendment has taken place.

The customers are also at their liberty to check this page to look for any amendment that has been made with this privacy policy.

Applicability of law

Applicability of laws can be found in details on the terms of services and it shall be regulated by jurisdictions of the laws of Bangladesh inasmuch as possible.

By using the Thrivedesk website or contacting us directly, you signify your acceptance of this Privacy Policy. Should you disagree with this Privacy Policy, you should not engage with our website, or use our services. 

We shall not be liable for your continues use of this website despite disagreeing with our privacy policy.