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Platforms integrations

Bring WordPress data to ThriveDesk and support portal to WordPress

Squarespace Logo

Engage with your website visitors and help them through live chat, emails

Simple to use, all-in-one platform for selling digital products

It's never been easier to setup live chat in a Joomla website

Pulls in customer purchase details from WooCommerce to ThirveDesk

Answer questions and solve problems quickly to get your visitors to buy from you.

Pulls in customer purchase details from all Envato sites

Proactively support your customer through live chat, email and knowledge base

Change the way you communicate with your visitors to win them over as lifelong clients.

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Sell your digital product with Easy Digital Downloads and support through ThriveDesk

Internal integrations

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Get realtime customer purchase and product information from Freemius without leaving ThriveDesk


Keep in touch with your chat and email leads through personalized email automation

Get realtime notifications inside Slack and take action

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Improve communication with your leads using Fluent CRM.

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Access numerous service and solution by integration Pabbly with ThriveDesk

Connect ThriveDesk with any platforms through webhooks

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Custom Apps enable you to pull data from a 3rd party source into the customer sidebar.

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