WooCommerce Customer Support Reimagined

ThriveDesk - WooCommerce

Do customers have to wait a long time for support while your agents browse through multiple tabs to find the right customer information? Well, then you have angry customers and inefficient agents. 

That’s bad for business.

How about we fix that?

Imagine a world where your customers can receive instant support! No waiting times, no unhappy customers. From now, everything is going to be in one, single support dashboard.

Thanks to ThriveDesk integration for WooCommerce. Zip through tickets, whiz through orders, and zap away customer woes while leaving them with a cosmic smile. It’s not just support; it’s support at warp speed! 💫

We redesigned our WooCommerce integration for ground up, let’s dig into it.

Powerful Access Control

woo permission - ThriveDesk

Provide your agent with the appropriate permissions required to perform a range of actions, spanning from modifying order statuses and canceling orders to processing refunds. You have the flexibility to determine which individuals are authorized to carry out specific tasks within these actions.

Customized Push Message

Enhance your customer experience by incorporating personalized status update messages, allowing you to utilize dynamic content variables. 

woo push msgs - ThriveDesk

As soon as an agent updates the status of a customer’s order, these messages will be automatically added to the reply editor.

By leveraging variables such as {% customer.name %}, {% order.id %}, and {% order.status %}, you can create tailor-made messages that cater to the specific needs and preferences of your customers.

Redesigned UI: Faster, Easier, and More Intuitive Than Ever Before!

woo info widget - ThriveDesk

New interface is super speedy and easy to use. You can access all product info with ease. Everything is at your fingertips, from Quantity and Prices to Product names. The new design also shows shipping info, product images, and order status updates. It’s a beautiful, user-friendly way to improve your support.

Powerful Search

image - ThriveDesk

Searching for product info just got super quick! Our new Dynamic Search gives you instant results as you type. As you can see from the transition of the first image to the second image. The product list is updated with each keystroke. No more waiting – the details appear right away. Your support team can find info lightning-fast with this new feature. It’s like magic!

Smart Product Recommendations – Your Support Sidekick

Empower your support team with a weapon of mass assistance! The integration brings you Smart Product Recommendations right from the widget. 

image 2 - ThriveDesk

Instead of having to go to the store website, copying the product link, and then return to share it with the customer, our integration enables you to share product links straight from the widget. Just click the Product Recommendations tab and voila! You’ll have a list of store products with shareable links ready to be copied and shared. 

image 4 - ThriveDesk

And the cherry on top? Support agents can update orders and apply coupons straight from the widget. It’s time to rock customer support with stellar features!

Manage WooCommerce Subscription

image 3 - ThriveDesk

Handling subscription products just got simpler! Support agents now have quick access to essential subscription details. They can see Subscription charges, renewal dates, and more. Subscription products are marked clearly for easy identification. This upgrade makes managing subscriptions a breeze.

WPPortal: Embed Help Center Inside WooCommerce Account Page

wp portal - ThriveDesk

Now you can embed a help center right inside your customer account page without needing a shortcode. Grab API key from your ThriveDesk account and validate and enable the support page option, voila you are done!

image 1 - ThriveDesk

WP Portal is revolutionizing customer support inside WordPress. No need to install some bulky and clunky plugin anymore. You can now embed SaaS inside WordPress. Isn’t that awesome!

image 5 - ThriveDesk

Don’t miss out on these incredible features. Elevate your customer support with the new ThriveDesk and WooCommerce Integration. It’s like giving your support a turbo boost. Streamline your work, save time, and make customers super happy with this amazing collaboration. Embrace the power of integration and shine like a star!

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