Introducing WPPortal & API – Bringing your customers closer to WordPress

Introducing WP Portal and API

There was a time when software manufacturers were stingy, rigid, and set in their own ways. They changed the world around them through innovation but expected the public to understand the complexities of software and use them as they did. 

In the world of consumerism, people have simple needs and demands when they are looking to buy a product. 

They roughly consider 3 things: How is this saving me money? How is this saving me time? Is this adding any value to my life/operations?

If you consider these 3 questions, software companies used to be very closed off. 

They would develop software or service, but accessibility to their functionalities were extremely limited, which meant that to use certain functionalities or data, you needed to purchase that specific software or service. 

The overhead on buying and maintaining multiple software just to use one or two of their features was immense and nonsensical.  

We at ThriveDesk consider our customers resources and always strive to provide them with solutions that utilise their resources most efficiently!

Keeping this in mind, we are releasing a unique integration between ThriveDesk and WordPress that will make the interaction between our clients and their customers easier, hassle-free, and rapidly fast. 

Introducing WPPortal

ThriveDesk has always focused on making the lives of business owners easier. 

Over the past couple of years, we have received numerous requests from our customers to make ThriveDesk API available for our customers. 

We were initially a bit insecure, just as many startups usually are in the beginning stages. 

However, over time we have given it thought and have decided to be that valuable tool in a toolbox that goes hand in hand with all other business tools.

So here, we announce the release of our API for developers and businesses worldwide to use as per their suitability. 

We believe the API release will open new horizons for our clients. 

Our first offering in this new API chapter for us is WPPortal.

WPPortal is a custom communication portal to initiate new conversations, check message history, and access important existing WordPress resources via a knowledge base.

Our clients can now facilitate customer loyalty by providing maximum convenience and improved service.

What Your Customers Get With WPPortal

  • Complete branded experience: Your clients will not have to leave your platform to communicate with your business if they have any issues. This provides a much more complete brand experience.
  • Easy navigation through conversation history: All previous conversations can be viewed through a unified interface and searched individually.
  • Seamless access to the knowledge base: WordPress native knowledge base access with search allowing customers to diagnose their own issues before needing to submit a ticket.  

If you operate a business in any of the following categories: 

  • Theme sellers 
  • Agencies
  • E-learning/coaching centers
  • Accounting and finance firms
  • Legal firms
  • E-commerce vendors

WPPortal is a must-have for you to ensure the best customer experience, improved customer retention, and ultimately cement customer loyalty. 

View all conversations

WPPortal producthunt tickets 1 - ThriveDesk
Conversation dashboard

WPPortal allows you to grant your customers access to their entire conversation history on the portal interface. 

The optimized search function makes it easy for customers to find any specific conversation without needing to scroll through a list of conversations. 

Paginate all conversations

This is a necessary convenience as it streamlines the process of issue reporting by cutting down on time wasted manually looking through endless conversation lists. 

Faster Communication and Issue Resolution

wpportal producthunt faster communication 1 - ThriveDesk
Create new conversation

With WPPortal, your customers can reach out to you faster. 

Once you have it integrated into your website, customers will be able to initiate a new conversation with just one click directly from their customer dashboard. 

This means more convenience for your customers.

Built-in Access to Knowledge Base

wpportal producthunt kb 1 - ThriveDesk
Access to KB

DIY is the order of the day, and WPPortal lets your customers do exactly that!

Before creating a ticket, customers are given a search option to scour your business’ native knowledge base on WordPress to find any pre-existing resource to help them tackle their issues. 

Arming customers with the ability to solve their own issues means reducing support ticket volume for your support agents. 

This means instead of repeatedly solving the same trivial issues over and over again, support agents can now focus more on resolving more critical support issues that require more time and finesse. A win-win for everyone!

Comprehensive Experience 

wpportal producthunt new ui - ThriveDesk
Fresh new UI

ThriveDesks WPPortal allows for an extensive range of invaluable features and functions on the customer ends.

Giving your customer such freedom will help you improve your support by leaps and bounds. 

And we all know at this point that customer support has a massive impact on factors such as customer retention, experience, loyalty, and brand image.

No matter how you look at it, it’s a no-brainer! WPPortal can provide your support and overall business with a significant boost. 

How to set up:

How to set up WPPortal

Well, enough said, now how do you integrate WPPortal in your admin panel for your users to get the benefit? Pretty simple. We’re gonna walk you through a step by step process.

  1. First, go into the your ThriveDesk dashboard => Admin panel => Settings => API keys
  2. Now you will see a window => “API keys’’
  3. Click on the “Create new API key” button
  4. Input a suitable key name and then press on “Create”. This will generate your ThriveDesk API key.
  5. Copy the key
  6. Now go to the “Get started” page and paste the API key and press the “Verify” button and it’s done! Now you can reap the full power of WPPortal.
  7. Finally, go into the ThriveDesk app store and press the “connect” button under WPPortal  and it’s done! You are now ready to reap the full power of WPPortal.

Now, unless you are Skynet (😅) , to expect you to know everything about everything is a stretch. It’s quite normal to not know about API even if you may already be using them. Following is a quick crash course of APIs and why they are so beloved. 

All Pro plan customers will have access to the WPPortal feature. Previous LTD owners who will have access to WPPortal: Founder LTD – Business,  Business – LTD, Agency LTD

We have covered a complete overview of WPPortal in the following video. If you find video tutorials more suitable to your taste, we recommend you watch this video.

What are APIs? 

An API which is short for Application Programming Interface is basically a contract between software to communicate with each other. 

APIs often allow third-party developers to create tools and applications that work with a given piece of software. 

Why do we need API?

API serve as a way for different software applications and systems to communicate and interact with each other. APIs are essential because they allow developers to create new applications and software that can easily integrate with other systems and services.

Here are some specific reasons why we need APIs:

Inspires innovation

88% of customers expect companies to accelerate their digital initiatives. 

Using APIs, developers can extract, manipulate and apply data to improve the capabilities of existing systems.

Facilitates automation

95% of business owners prefer to use automation to run their business and 88% consider automation to be a critical investment.

API integrations save development time and effort by making tasks that were once manual now effortless.

Makes customizations fast and smooth

Now, APIs improve customization by allowing developers to access and use data and functionality from other applications without needing to rewrite any code. 

Websites apps running on different OS can share the same customizations and reap the same rewards without needing to be redesigned. 

Improves customer service experience

APIs use is widespread nowadays among software developers and this allows developers to design and build software that meets and surpasses customer expectations day in and day out. 

Customers are the happiest they’ve ever been as they receive all sorts of functionalities through one window. 

Wrap up

ThriveDesk’s release of its API for the new WPPortal feature marks a significant milestone for us and our customers. 

With the release of our API, ThriveDesk is offering a powerful tool for businesses to enhance their customer support and streamline their workflows. 

From improved automation and efficiency to enhanced scalability and innovation and as more businesses adopt APIs in their digital transformation initiatives, we can expect to see even more exciting developments in the years to come.

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