February Release Notes: WordPress Plugin 2.0, New Auth, Onboarding, and More

WordPress Plugin 2.0

A lot of our customers found us from WordPress plugin directory and initial experience with our plugin wasn’t up to scratch.

feb update 1 - ThriveDesk

Now, when you install ThriveDesk and connect it with your WordPress site, you’ll enjoy a seamless onboarding experience like never before.

febupdate 2 - ThriveDesk

We’ve also given our settings page a makeover. Combined three pages into one for your convenience. Plus, we’ve added valuable tips right on the settings page to make your life easier.

ThriveDesk Knowledge Base Integration for Enhanced Search

Previously, your ticket search was limited to your WordPress post types. But now, we’ve taken it to the next level. You can now search through ThriveDesk’s own knowledge base in addition to your WordPress post types.

This means fewer support tickets for you to handle—especially if you enable this feature with WP Portal.

Google and Microsoft Single Sing-on(SSO) Support

We’ve just made signing up and logging into your ThriveDesk account even easier with our new Google and Microsoft single sign-on feature. Now, all it takes is one click to access your account hassle-free.

And here’s the best part: if you already have a ThriveDesk account linked to your Google or Microsoft account, you can now log in without having to type in your password.

feb update 3 - ThriveDesk

But wait, there’s more! We’ve given our authentication pages a fresh new look to accommodate these changes.

New Account Onboarding

This might just be the most underrated gem in our arsenal, but it’s also the most crucial for truly understanding our customers.

We’ve implemented a series of questionnaires designed to dive deep into your business and tech stack. Why? So we can tailor a personalized product onboarding experience just for you.

feb update 4 - ThriveDesk

Depending on your settings, you’ll receive customized suggestions right within the product interface and via email. It’s like having a personal guide, ensuring you get the most out of our offerings. Because at the end of the day, your success is our success!

  • Improvements and Fixes
    • Feat: WooCommerce custom order plugin support
    • Fix: Malformed utf8 characters in email
    • Fix: Ignore chaining draft if doesn’t exist
    • Fix: Message field must be required for a draft
    • Fix: Thread body -> message body text for clipped messages
    • Improved: Clipped message content if exceed over 5k char.
    • Fix: conversation message body freezes browsers
    • Fix: resolve inbox email address on frontend
    • Fix: registration page warning udpate
    • Fix: force delete conversations with model events to remove associate models
    • Fix: Automation not working
    • Fix: ignore execution for null conversation where conversation is dependent on the execution
    • Fix: allow more mime types including doc and docx
    • Fix: Handle Assistive AI proper error message
    • Fix: Assistive AI toolbar’s grammar and spelling checker chore: Assistive AI legacy code optimize
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