Best WooCommerce Plugins

Best WooCommerce Membership Plugins in 2023

You’re a busy entrepreneur running a successful eCommerce store. Finding the finest Membership plugins to optimize your WooCommerce store can be time-consuming. We did the work for you!

These plugins help you convert your website into a membership platform and allow you to create subscription content or courses for your community.

Here, we selected the best apps based on the app ratings, number of reviews, app’s top features, and other objective criteria. We hope this information will help you search for an app that suits your needs.

These are the best plugins we found during our research, and we honestly believe one of them is the right for your store. We DO NOT earn any commission and reviews are never sponsored.

16 Best Membership Plugins for WooCommerce

Let's take a look some of the Best WooCommerce Membership Plugins in 2023. You can click the links below to jump ahead to any plugin 👇


⛩ MemberPress 🚦 4.8 (901)
💰 Start from $179.50 / Year

MemberPress will give you all the advanced features you need to run a WordPress Membership site. You will be able to charge people for special access to your site and take credit cards as payment. The plugin will make it easy for you to sell both downloadable products and memberships on your site. You will also be able to decide how to give your users selective access.

Ultimate Membership Pro

Ultimate Membership Pro

⛩ azzaroco 🚦 4.6 (862)
💰 Start from $59.00

Use Ultimate Membership Pro if you want to make money off of your content by letting users pay to get access to it. This plugin will help you make and manage strong membership plans with different access levels and benefits for each level. Depending on the membership level, you can let people see all of your content or just some of it.

It comes with login templates, registration templates, and subscription form templates that are beautiful, well-organized, and easy to change. Some of the other features of the templates are social login, strong passwords, reCAPTCHA verification, and an invitation validation code.

You can limit access to content based on the level of membership by hiding your pages right from the menu. You can also limit access to content based on keywords in the URL path.

Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Memberships Pro

⛩ Paid Memberships Pro 🚦 4.3 (550)
💰 Free | Start from $247.00 / Year

With more than 80 add-ons, Paid Memberships Pro is very flexible. But most of these add-ons are for traditional membership sites, and WooCommerce only has one add-on.

Still, that one add-on gives you access to most of the features you need in a WooCommerce membership plugin, so this is another good one to add to your list.

Membership For WooCommerce Pro

Membership For WooCommerce Pro

⛩ WP Swings 🚦 4.3 (11)
💰 Free | $99.00 / Year

The Membership For WooCommerce Pro plugin allows you to set access control to sections of your online store to create members-only products and services. It is an easy-to-use premium solution for all eCommerce store owners to sell and manage membership plans. You can sell memberships to ensure recurring revenue.

Simple Membership

Simple Membership

⛩ Simple Membership 🚦 4.5 (329)
💰 Free

A flexible, well-supported, and easy-to-use WordPress membership plugin that lets you offer free and paid content from your WordPress site.

With the simple membership plugin, you can lock down your posts and pages so that only your members can see them.



⛩ reputeinfosystems 🚦 4.8 (326)
💰 Start from $59.00

ARMember is one of the membership plugins that can be used in a lot of different ways. With this plugin, you can make memberships for a wide range of businesses, such as online courses and tutoring, consulting, and creative companies that offer digital content like podcasts, corporate training, and membership communities.



⛩ The bbPress Contributors 🚦 4 (320)
💰 Free

bbPress is a membership plugin for WordPress that is free. The same people who made WordPress also made this forum software. Users of WP must log in to use this plugin. Then, you can send people to a different URL.

Members can be added to forums that you are in charge of. This lets them have a community where they can talk about their ideas while you watch out for things like hate speech.

WP-Members Membership Plugin

WP-Members Membership Plugin

⛩ Chad Butler 🚦 4.6 (243)
💰 Free | Start from $59.00 / Year

WP-Members is a membership plugin for WordPress that is free. You don’t have to change anything about how WordPress is set up for it to work.

They have both a video and a user guide to help you set up. It has a good number of features, but since it’s free, it’s not as strong as some others.

Membership & Content Restriction

Membership & Content Restriction

⛩ Cozmoslabs 🚦 4.7 (198)
💰 Start from €69.00 / Year

Paid Member Subscriptions is a powerful and easy-to-use WordPress membership plugin.

It gives you a full membership solution, letting you accept payments from members, keep track of them, set up subscription plans, and limit access to premium content.

Integrates with WooCommerce, so you can limit viewing and buying of products to members only, offer special discounted prices for products based on subscription plans, and let your customers buy subscription plans through the WooCommerce Checkout. It can also be used to quickly set up an Elementor membership site.

WooCommerce Memberships

WooCommerce Memberships

⛩ SkyVerge 🚦 4.4 (84)
💰 Start from $199.00 / Year

This extension works as a complete way to bring together different parts of your website. When you set up your store’s content, products, and memberships in a smart way, magic can happen. WooCommerce experts say that the plugin is built on a clean foundation and is easy to set up and manage. So, if you want to make a membership system for your website, this could be the answer you’re looking for.

WP Membership

WP Membership

⛩ e-plugins 🚦 4.5 (80)
💰 Start from $35.00

With WP Membership, it’s easy to make a site for members only. You can make different types of membership levels, such as free accounts, one-time payments, recurring payments, free trials, paid trials, and more.

Members can make profiles that are both public and private. It has pricing tables, email templates, public profile templates, two kinds of member directories, and settings for limiting access to certain content.

The plugin can be translated into 11 languages and works well with Stripe, PayPal, and WooCommerce as payment gateways. It can also be linked to Mailchimp.

YITH WooCommerce Membership

YITH WooCommerce Membership

⛩ YITH 🚦 4.5 (78)
💰 Start from € 149,99/ year

Memberships are a great way to limit what users can do on your website or store if you offer premium content like training modules. The YITH membership plugin lets you give members of your site access to courses, e-books, and other premium services that only they can use. In fact, you can make personalized content for your members, which will make your site or service better and more valuable.

The plugin makes it easier for you to manage services or training courses at your store. It also lets you give them access to premium content on your site that only they can see. You can keep your members loyal by sending them prompt reminders about things like renewal, expiration, when your next publication is coming out, etc.

WishList Member

WishList Member

⛩ WishList Member 🚦 4.7 (38)
💰 Start from $149.00 / Year

WishList Member is all about making things your own way. This plugin should work with most other WP plugins, themes, and page builders. It also lets you set up actions that happen automatically to save time.

WishList Member can help you get an LMS, a private community, or a private site.

SUMO Memberships

SUMO Memberships

⛩ FantasticPlugins 🚦 4.4 (28)
💰 Start from $39.00

SUMO Memberships is a full membership system for WooCommerce. It lets you sell memberships from your WooCommerce store and give your members access to pages, posts, content blocks, and some products.

WCFM Membership

WCFM Membership

⛩ WC Lovers 🚦 4.4 (17)
💰 Free

When you run a marketplace with many sellers, your needs are different from those of online stores. So, WCFM Membership is a plugin that is made to add membership functionality to your site. It is designed to meet these needs.

This plugin makes it easier to run a store with more than one seller. With WCFM Membership, you can set up as many bronze, silver, and gold membership levels as you want, each with its own price plan and set of features.

WooCommerce Members Only

WooCommerce Members Only

⛩ pluginrepublic 🚦 Null
💰 Start from $59.00 / Year

WooCommerce Members Only is different from the other membership plugins, as its name makes clear. It was made only for making a site for members.

This plugin is very flexible because you can turn on or off certain payment or shipping methods based on the role of the user. There are, however, two things you should keep in mind.

We know that choosing the right Shopify app can be daunting. These are the best Shopify apps we found during our research, and we honestly hope one of them is the right one for your store.

If you think there’s an excellent app worthy of this list, drop an email to our team at help @ thrivedesk(dot)com. Until then, happy growing!

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