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Best WooCommerce Image Upload Plugin in 2022

You’re a busy entrepreneur running a successful eCommerce store. Finding the finest Image Upload plugins to optimize your WooCommerce store can be time-consuming. We did the work for you!

This plugin enables support for uploading images that were dropped or pasted to your site to decorate your website or things.

Here, we selected the best apps based on the app ratings, number of reviews, app’s top features, and other objective criteria. We hope this information will help you search for an app that suits your needs.

4 Best Image Upload Plugin for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Upload Files

WooCommerce Upload Files

⛩ vanquish 🚦 4.9 (532)
💰 Start from $26

WooCommerce Upload Files lets your customers upload as many images as they want, no matter how big they are.

Customers can easily crop images before uploading them, and the crop image editor lets them change the image’s width and height to suit their needs. You can also charge customers more based on how many photos they upload, which will bring in more money.

You can also choose to get email notifications to get the image download link and know when customers upload images. It also lets you save the images you upload to your DropBox or Amazon S3 account, moving the images you uploaded temporarily to your server to either of these storage solutions.

Drag and Drop Multiple File Upload

Drag and Drop Multiple File Upload

⛩ codedropz 🚦 4.8 (13)
💰 Start from $24.99

Drag and Drop Multiple File Uploader is a simple WordPress plugin extension for WooCommerce that lets users upload multiple files using drag-and-drop or the common browse-file feature on your product page.

YITH WooCommerce Uploads

YITH WooCommerce Uploads

⛩ YITH 🚦 4.4 (78)
💰 €59,99/ year

With YITH WooCommerce Uploads, your customers can add images to their products as they buy them to make them more personal.

It gets rid of the need to send emails back and forth with your customers to customize products. Instead, you can manage orders with images right on the order page of your store. Customers can upload images by turning on the feature on the cart, checkout, and “Thank You” pages.

Customers can separate and view orders for different images of the same product in the cart, which makes the customer experience better. You also have the freedom to accept or reject requests for customization, and you can even give customers a second chance to upload a new image file.

Frontend File Manager Plugin

Frontend File Manager Plugin

⛩ N-Media 🚦 4 (40)
💰 Free

With the Frontend File Manager Plugin, your users can just drag and drop a file to upload it. And when people upload files, it sends them to places like Google Drive, Dropbox, or the WordPress media library.

This WordPress file submission plugin lets you limit the number of files that each user can upload and give guests permission to upload any kind of file. Aside from that, it has a visual composer add-on and a fast, responsive, and beautiful user interface.

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We know that choosing the right WooCommerce plugin can be daunting. These are the best WooCommerce plugins we found during our research, and we honestly hope one of them is the right one for your store.

If you think there’s an excellent plugin or extension worthy of this list, drop an email to our team at [email protected](dot)com. Until then, happy growing!

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