Best WooCommerce Plugins

Best WooCommerce Duplicate Product Plugins in 2024

You’re a busy entrepreneur running a successful eCommerce store. Finding the finest duplicate product plugins to optimize your WooCommerce store can be time-consuming. We did the work for you!

These plugins can help you duplicate, clone, and copy variable product variations with a single click in a multisite environment.

Here, we selected the best apps based on the app ratings, number of reviews, app’s top features, and other objective criteria. We hope this information will help you search for an app that suits your needs.

These are the best plugins we found during our research, and we honestly believe one of them is the right for your store. We DO NOT earn any commission and reviews are never sponsored.

7 Best Duplicate Product Plugins for WooCommerce

Let's take a look some of the Best WooCommerce Duplicate Product Plugins in 2024. You can click the links below to jump ahead to any plugin 👇
WooCommerce Multisite Duplicate / Delete Plugin

WooCommerce Multisite Duplicate / Delete Plugin

⛩ welaunch.io 🚦 5.0 (4)
💰 Start from $24

Use our WooCommerce Multisite Duplicate/Delete plugin instead of manually adding or removing products from each sub-site. With this extension, you can easily copy or delete products in a multisite environment. You can stop certain data from being copied while you are duplicating. You can stop people from copying images, attributes, taxonomies (categories), or post meta, for example.

By default, only network admins can duplicate or delete files. You can turn this on if you want regular admins or shop managers to be able to copy or delete products. There is also bulk duplicating, which lets you copy multiple products on a site.

WooCommerce Easy Duplicate Product

WooCommerce Easy Duplicate Product

⛩ WPGem.com 🚦 5.0 (4)
💰 Free | Start from $148.00 / Year

You now have the ability to copy and paste an edited product with ease. Installing this plugin is as simple as going to the right-hand side and clicking the “duplicate” link. In addition, you may utilize bulk operations to replicate numerous goods at once.

Download Duplicate Post Page Menu & Custom Post Type

Download Duplicate Post Page Menu & Custom Post Type

⛩ Inqsys Technology 🚦 4.9 (74)
💰 Free | Start from $15

This plugin is quite handy for making many duplicate entries of a single post, page, menu, and custom posts such as items, tickets, coupons, events, and so on. You no longer need to build many fake articles on your website to test the layout. Make one post, and with a simple click, you may make many entries for the same post.


  • Duplicate a Post, Page, Menu, or Custom Post Type several times with a single click.
  • It’s simple to enable or disable certain post/page/custom post type/menu duplication.
  • Using Ajax for post/page/menu duplication means no more browser stalling when dealing with massive amounts of data.
Duplicate Post

Duplicate Post

⛩ Copy Delete Posts 🚦 4.8 (288)
💰 Free | Start from $19.98

Boost your WordPress productivity dramatically! The Copy Page plugin makes it simple to replicate pages or posts—and then remove them! And why is it beneficial to duplicate pages? Here are a few examples of applications:

  • Duplicate pages to make quick work of utilizing the same components again and over (e.g. text paragraphs, images, video, featured image, etc.).
  • Create a fast variant of a page or post to alter and compare it side by side (for yourself, your client, or your company).
  • Make one great set of page templates and then reuse them for other projects, clients, or products.
  • Apply a facelift to a single page while retaining the original version in case you need to revert to it 
  • at any moment.
  • Create a “holiday special” page template that you can use for other holidays with minor tweaks.
  • Make replicas of pages with custom settings that are utilized in page builders.
Duplicate Variations for WooCommerce

Duplicate Variations for WooCommerce

⛩ Emran Ahmed 🚦 4.8 (11)
💰 Free

With the Replicate Variants for WooCommerce Plugin, you can duplicate, clone, and copy variable product variations with a single click.

The WooCommerce duplicate product variations plugin can save you hundreds of hours when it comes to producing too many variants with the same features like variation price, variation pictures, stock, SKU, and other variation parameters.

For too many variants, say goodbye to manually uploading the same variation picture, variation pricing, and SKU. With a simple click, do this time-consuming task.


  • Duplicate or mass-produced product variations
  • Copy the picture from the Selected Variation to the Desired Variations.
  • Insert a different picture.
  • From a different angle,
  • Add a variant picture based on the feature image of the product.
  • Additional Variations Compatibility WooCommerce Image Gallery Plugin
  • Swatches of WooCommerce Plugin Compatibility Variations
WP Post Page Clone

WP Post Page Clone

⛩ Gaurang Sondagar 🚦 4.8 (25)
💰 Free

The WP Post Page Clone plugin for WordPress makes it easy to copy or “clone” posts or pages with just one click.


  • With a simple click, clone a post, including its contents and settings.
  • With a single click, clone a page, including its contents and settings.
  • Support for multiple browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.)
Yoast Duplicate Post

Yoast Duplicate Post

⛩ Enrico Battocchi & Team Yoast 🚦 4.7 (498)
💰 Free

Users may use this plugin to clone articles of any kind or copy them to new drafts for future editing.It operates as follows:

  • Clicking the ‘Clone’ link underneath the post/page title in ‘Edit Posts’ or ‘Edit Pages’ will quickly produce a duplicate and return you to the list.
  • Select one or more items in ‘Edit Posts’ or ‘Edit Pages’, then click ‘Clone’ in the ‘Bulk Actions’ menu to copy them all at once.
  • Click the ‘New Draft’ option underneath the post/page title in ‘Edit Posts’ or ‘Edit Pages.’
  • On the post edit page, above “Cancel” or “Move to Trash,” or in the admin bar, click “Copy to a new draft.”
  • As a signed-in user, you may copy a post to a new draft by clicking “Copy to a new draft” in the admin bar.

We know that choosing the right Shopify app can be daunting. These are the best Shopify apps we found during our research, and we honestly hope one of them is the right one for your store.

If you think there’s an excellent app worthy of this list, drop an email to our team at help @ thrivedesk(dot)com. Until then, happy growing!

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