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Best Restaurant Plugin WooCommerce in 2024

You’re a busy entrepreneur running a successful eCommerce store. Finding the finest restaurant plugins to optimize your WooCommerce store can be time-consuming. We did the work for you!

These plugins can help you to create a restaurant menu and an online checkout system for your website

Here, we selected the best apps based on the app ratings, number of reviews, app’s top features, and other objective criteria. We hope this information will help you search for an app that suits your needs.

These are the best plugins we found during our research, and we honestly believe one of them is the right for your store. We DO NOT earn any commission and reviews are never sponsored.

15 Best Restaurant Plugin WooCommerce

Let's take a look some of the Best Restaurant Plugin WooCommerce in 2024. You can click the links below to jump ahead to any plugin 👇


⛩ wpslash 🚦 5.00 (86)
💰 Start from $199/ year

If you want more tools to help you manage things in your restaurant, the WooFood plugin is a good choice. For instance, it has the ability to automatically print orders, which your cooks can then pick up and start working on right away. If you don’t already have a solution like this, this could be a huge plus for your business.

WooFood also has helpful features like a dashboard that shows recent orders, support for multiple stores, and the ability to set delivery hours.



⛩ Ollybach 🚦 5.00 (55)
💰 Free

The WPPizza plugin was made for people who run pizzerias. Even if you don’t, this plugin can be very helpful if you plan to sell foods in different sizes (small, medium, large, etc.).

You can even let people pay for their orders when they get them. Even though cash sales are becoming less common by 2022, they are still available.

Other important features include support for multiple languages and sites, the ability to check if delivery is possible by ZIP code, a rewards program for loyal customers, and much more.

WooCommerce Food Ordering Made Easy

WooCommerce Food Ordering Made Easy

⛩ Barn2 Plugins 🚦 5.00 (15)
💰 Start from $129/ Year

The designers at Barn2 did a great job with their Restaurant Ordering plugin, which is why it’s number one on this list. With this plugin, you can make a list of dishes that is easy to look through, like the ones on popular apps like Grubhub. When a customer adds an item to their order, a pop-up window appears with options for making the dish more personal. For example, picking the level of spice, the toppings, or the amount.

The ordering page uses your product categories, so the layout should be good right away. Still, there are a number of easy-to-use customization options for changing the layout and the way site elements are shown.

WooCommerce Food

WooCommerce Food

⛩ Ex-Themes 🚦 4.97 (103)
💰 Start from $49

WooCommerce Food is a plugin that adds a lot of features to a restaurant ordering system that uses WooCommerce. It has more than 10 different layouts and a huge number of settings.

This plugin works great for websites for restaurants with locations in more than one place. You can add an optional popup to the order page that asks visitors to choose which location they want to order from. It also lets you choose between delivery and pick-up, so it could be a great choice if you want to make a new website for a restaurant.

Food Store

Food Store

⛩ WP Scripts 🚦 4.9 (35)
💰 Free

Food Store is made by adding to the core features of WordPress and WooCommerce. This makes it simple, easy to use, and not too cluttered. All of your WooCommerce settings, categories, and the ease with which you can set up your store and move around in the settings panel are still there.

Food Store lets you turn your restaurant into a place where people can order food right away. You can open it so that customers can see your menu online and pick it up at a time that works for them.

This plugin helps you with all of your restaurant’s options. It uses WooCommerce’s core features to set up the cart and checkout with different payment gateways.

Food Menu

Food Menu

⛩ RadiusTheme 🚦 4.9 (11)
💰 Free | Start from $21 / Year

Food Menu is a great restaurant for WordPress that can be used in widgets, posts, pages, and templates. The WordPress plugin for food menus is fully responsive and works well with well-coded themes. It can also be expanded.

Food Menu lets you show all food items in a single category or in more than one category at the same time. You can change everything about the menus so that they fit your style. This WordPress restaurant menu plugin comes with different layouts for all the elements you need to make unique menus. You can divide your menus into groups, which makes things easier for your customers.

With Food Menu, you can organize all of your menus into a neat grid. There is also a filter layout so that your users can narrow down the menus they see. Still, the slider layout is the most elegant way to show off your menus. With the slider layout, you can add visual effects.

YITH Easy Order Page for WooCommerce

YITH Easy Order Page for WooCommerce

⛩ YITH 🚦 4.85 (13)
💰 Start from € 79,99/ year

The YITH Easy Order Page is a flexible way for businesses like restaurants to make it easy for customers to buy more than one item. This plugin will help you make a page that looks good and is easy to use, which is great for ordering and delivering food.

With this plugin, you can add a page to your site that is just for taking food orders. You can show the price, title, and thumbnail for each item in a grid or a list. At the bottom of the screen is a “sticky” cart that gets updated whenever a customer adds a new item. This makes it easy for them to change their order and move quickly to the checkout. Through the settings menu, you can change the colors of the cart and everything else on the page. This makes it easy to match your restaurant’s theme.



⛩ Themewinter 🚦 4.7 (15)
💰 Start from $49 / year

Themewinter’s WP Cafe is the best way to get started because it has everything you need. It works for all kinds of restaurants and cafes. Also, with the help of Elementor, you can quickly make the perfect website for a restaurant. It’s easy to make and keep track of multiple reservation schedules and seat capacities. It also confirms your reservation by sending you an email. You can change or cancel reservations with it. There are ways to add discount codes for good food to your menu.

Five Star Restaurant Menu

Five Star Restaurant Menu

⛩ FiveStarPlugins 🚦 4.6 (92)
💰 Free | Start from $67 (Lifetime)

Creating food and drink menus for your website is easy with Five Star Restaurant Menu’s simple menu builder. This plugin lets you change everything about the way your menus look, such as the photos, descriptions, prices, and more. You’ll also be able to divide your products into groups, such as appetizers, main dishes, vegan, dairy-free, or gluten-free options, daily specials, and so on. The menus for this plugin are made for different types of devices, including mobile, which is important because most people order from their phones or tablets.

Restaurant Menu

Restaurant Menu

⛩ MotoPress 🚦 4.5 (13)
💰 Free | Start from $49/ Year

Restaurant Menu by MotoPress is a great choice for fast food restaurants and restaurants that serve a variety of foods.

This food menu plugin is great for pizza, fast food, or any other typical restaurant. It comes with responsive themes and icons and buttons that can be changed to make a beautiful menu page.

It also lets people pay with PayPal or cash on delivery, but that’s an extra feature. The plugin also lets you make test payments to make sure the system works well before you use it for real. Customers can see where their order is in the process, from being made to being sent. There is also the option to make your own payment and notification email templates.

Restaurant Menu

Restaurant Menu

⛩ GloriaFood 🚦 4.5 (48)
💰 Free

With just this plugin, you can turn your restaurant’s website into an online business. You can get a restaurant’s menu, order food online, and book a table using a simple and easy-to-use interface. All free, with no fees, hidden costs, or commissions. You can make as many restaurant reservations and food orders as you want.

It is very easy to set up, and you don’t need to know how to code. Just follow the steps in the wizard, add the food menu, and make the order button public. You’ll be ready to take your first order of food in just a few minutes.



⛩ wpproducts 🚦 4.44 (32
💰 Start from $39

Foodlify is the best way to order food menus from online shops if you want to do it quickly and easily. It’s the easiest way to order a lot of food quickly and helps to sell more. Also, this WooCommerce plugin is great for people who buy in bulk.

Also, it is mobile-friendly and combines many features, such as information about food, a search option, a “add to cart” button, and an image, to make the user experience better. And it’s easy for users to set up for both new and old WP sites.



⛩ MagniGenie 🚦 4.2 (77)
💰 Free | Start from $159/ Year

RestroPress is a system for WordPress that lets people order food online. It is a separate plugin for WordPress that makes it easy to add a Food Ordering System to your WordPress site. With RestroPress, it’s easy to get orders for both PickUp/Takeaway and Delivery.

RestroPress has an easy-to-use frontend and backend interface that makes it easy to manage orders. It also comes with a user dashboard that makes it easy to manage a user’s profile and orders.

When you turn on the plugin, the required pages are added to your site on their own. With the [fooditems] shortcode, the plugin puts the food items on your page.

Restaurant Menu / bulk order plugin for WooCommerce

Restaurant Menu / bulk order plugin for WooCommerce

⛩ PI Websolution 🚦 4.2 (55)
💰 Free | Start from $25/Year

Restaurant Menu for WooCommerce is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin for making restaurant menus. With this plugin, your customers can place their orders on a single page instead of having to go to several pages.

The plugin also lets you add as many side dishes as you like to your main menu. You can also mark them as free or extra costs for the dish you choose. Also, your customers can look for a food item by its name or by the category it is in. You can also hide or show the categories depending on what you want.

Food Online for WooCommerce

Food Online for WooCommerce

⛩ Arosoft.se 🚦 4.1 (23)
💰 Free | Start from $78 / year

Food Online for WooCommerce is a menu and delivery plugin for WordPress that works with WooCommerce. It was made by Arosoft.se. It’s easy to use and has a lot of useful features. Menus can be made with different layouts and designs. You can choose from three different layouts. Customers can even use an accordion-style menu to order food. This plugin gives you different ways to distribute. Customers can choose from different ways to get their orders. There is also a map to help you choose the exact spot for delivery. Shipping costs and the best way to ship for the least amount of money can also be seen.

Frequently asked questions

What is a restaurant plugin in WooCommerce?

A restaurant plugin in WooCommerce is a software tool that allows you to add restaurant-specific features to your existing WooCommerce store. With the help of this plugin, you can easily add features like online ordering, table reservations, delivery, payment processing, and more. It also allows you to manage your restaurant’s inventory, customer data, and orders from a single platform.

Why do you need a restaurant plugin?

A restaurant plugin is a great way to manage the features and functionality of your restaurant website. It can help you organize menus, accept online orders, track customer data, manage reservations, and more. With a plugin, you can customize your website to suit your business needs, allowing you to create a professional, user-friendly website that will help you stand out from the competition.

What features should I look for in a good WooCommerce restaurant plugin?

When looking for a good WooCommerce restaurant plugin, there are several features that you should look for.

First, you should make sure that the plugin provides a customizable menu system with the ability to quickly add and remove items. This will allow you to easily adjust your menu for special occasions or to make changes as needed.

Secondly, the plugin should provide a way to accept online payments and provide customers with the ability to make reservations. This will make your restaurant more accessible to customers and allow them to pay quickly and securely.

Thirdly, the plugin should provide real-time inventory tracking so that you can stay up to date with what items you have available. This will ensure that customers can always have access to the items they need.

Finally, the plugin should offer an easy to use user interface and provide analytics so that you can track sales and customer behavior. This will help you better understand your customers and make decisions to improve your restaurant operations.

Can I open an online restaurant on WooCommerce?

Yes, you can open an online restaurant on WooCommerce. WooCommerce offers a number of features to help you build and manage an online restaurant, including an inventory system, payment processing tools, and marketing tools. In addition, there are several plugins available to help you customize your online restaurant, such as a menu builder and a reservation system. Finally, WooCommerce also offers technical support if you need help setting up and running your online restaurant.

Can I use WooCommerce for food delivery?

Yes, you can use WooCommerce for food delivery. WooCommerce offers a variety of plugins and extensions to help you set up an online food delivery system. With WooCommerce, you can create a website for customers to place their orders, manage invoices, accept payments, and manage your deliveries. Additionally, there are many third-party plugins available that add features such as delivery tracking, order notifications and more.

How can I add restaurant-specific features like seat reservations, menus, and table management to my WooCommerce store?

Adding restaurant-specific features to your WooCommerce store can be done using a specialized plugin. Many plugins offer features such as seat reservations, menus, and table management, so you can customize your store to meet the needs of your restaurant. You can browse WooCommerce’s plugin directory to find the right plugin for you. Once you have the plugin installed and activated, you can begin customizing your store to fit your restaurant’s needs.

Is it possible to enable customer loyalty programs or rewards using restaurant plugins in WooCommerce?

Yes, it is possible to enable customer loyalty programs or rewards using restaurant plugins in WooCommerce. Many plugins offer features such as loyalty points, gift cards, vouchers, rewards, and discounts for customers. With these plugins, you can easily set up a loyalty program and reward your customers for their loyalty. Additionally, some plugins also provide features that allow you to track customer activities and purchase history, so you can better understand your customers and create tailored loyalty programs that meet their needs.

Can I accept payments through WooCommerce restaurant plugins?

Yes, you can accept payments through WooCommerce restaurant plugins. WooCommerce restaurant plugins offer a variety of payment options, including major credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and more. You can also set up automatic recurring payments and subscription-based payment plans. Additionally, many plugins also offer features to help you manage and track customer orders, payments, and inventory.

Are there any additional expenses I need to be aware of when using WooCommerce restaurant plugins?

Yes, there are some additional expenses you need to be aware of when using WooCommerce restaurant plugins. These include payment processing fees, hosting fees, website design fees, and taxes. Additionally, you may need to purchase additional plugins to enhance the features of your restaurant website. It is important to research any additional costs associated with the plugins you are considering before making a purchase.

How often do I need to upgrade my WooCommerce restaurant plugins?

It depends on the plugins you are using. Generally, you should check for updates at least once per month. It is also a good idea to check that your plugins are compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce before upgrading. Additionally, some plugins may have specific instructions for updating, so it is important to read the documentation before making any changes.

We know that choosing the right Shopify app can be daunting. These are the best Shopify apps we found during our research, and we honestly hope one of them is the right one for your store.

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