How Themefisher increased customer satisfaction after moving from Zendesk

Company size
11 employees
ThriveDesk users
5 ThriveDesk users
Key features used
Team Inbox, Live chat, Private notes, Saved replies, Integrations

As Themefisher started to grow rapidly, it became very difficult to keep track of their paid and free users. It was crucial to provide the paid users with premium support. They tried Zendesk but it was no good. ThriveDesk was just starting to make some noise back then. ThemeFisher took a leap of faith and went on with ThriveDesk, and bam! Was that a great decision or what!

customer themefisher assistant - ThriveDesk

From Inception to Substantial Growth

Themefisher was brought to life in 2015. After its inception it took the market of theme designing by storm and in a matter of years it became a global marketplace for incredible custom and responsive themes. Their themes were well sought after and their goal was to not just provide premium, custom and responsive themes but they also took pride in their customer support; especially the support they provided  to their paid customers.

We were skeptical in the beginning, but we received an overwhelming response from our customers. We took an oath to never disappoint them in any way.
themefisher spokeperson - ThriveDesk
Farhad Hossen
Digital Marketer & Project Manager

Angry Customers: A Significant Threat

As Themefisher grew so did their customer base. This led to the rise of a critical issue.

Unfortunately, the customer support they prided themselves on was starting to suffer and turning subpar due to long waiting queues. Their customer base was losing patience. Customer turnover was one the rise. Things didn’t look good.

The crux of the problem was a logistical oversight on their part. As their company grew, so did their customer base and it was essential that they kept track of their paid and free users in order to provide the paid users with premium support. 

They turned to Zendesk but even with their wealth of functionalities and features they couldn’t obtain the key data that would help them differentiate between paid and free users. 

Since the website was running on WordPress, they needed a tool that would show customer purchase information within the support dashboard. Going back and forth between the WordPress admin panel and support dashboard was making the process time consuming and inefficient. 

As our business and list of clients grew, user classification data became vital for us. We needed to serve our premium customers first to keep our business running. Everything seemed to be a nightmare until ThriveDesk came into play.

Mehedi Hasan, CEO Themefisher

Offering Deep Integration with WordPress

When all seemed lost in came ThiveDesk. ThriveDesk had the perfect tool to remedy their logistical data woes; Easy Digital Downloads integration. 

wordpress integrations - ThriveDesk

Equipped with ThriveDesk, Themefisher was finally able to get their hands on the much needed real time customer purchasing data which helped them differentiate between their paid and free users. The EDD integration enabled Themefisher’s support team to identify who their priority clients were and provide appropriate support.

Themefisher with the help of Thrivedesk was able to restore their support team to their former glory. Customer dissatisfaction dropped and sale was on the rise.

Their favorite ThriveDesk features

We asked Farhad what were his top 3 favorite Groove features. Here is what he said:
Shared Inbox: Resolve customer ticket faster with better team collaboration.
Live Chat: Connect with prospects in real time and kick off more sales.
Integrations: First class WordPress and WooCommerce integrations.