Take notes about your contacts for easy reference

Easily jot down notes about your contacts to quickly refer back to important information when needed.
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Imagine you added a contact to ThriveDesk and want to remember important details or add additional remarks. Simply add a note with meeting notes, feedback, follow-up questions, and more.

So, when you engage with your contacts again or require specific information related to them, you can effortlessly retrieve the relevant notes. Never guess again when you reconnect or need related information.

Add notes easily, anytime

Whenever you choose to add a note to a contact, effortlessly access the contact page through the ThriveDesk dashboard and append the note. It's as simple as that!

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ThriveDesk lets you manage your conversations across multiple channels from a single dashboard. And yes, we have a 7-day free trial and we don’t ask for your credit card.
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