Best Shopify Apps

Best Shopify Barcode Apps in 2023

Shopify barcode apps are third-party tools that allow merchants to create and manage barcodes for their products in the Shopify store. These apps provide an efficient way to keep track of inventory and simplify the checkout process for customers.

With barcode apps, merchants can generate unique barcodes for each item and scan them at the point of sale, reducing the risk of errors and speeding up the checkout process.

Additionally, some barcode apps offer features like customizable labels, batch barcode creation, and support for multiple barcode formats, giving merchants greater flexibility and control over their inventory management.

These are the best plugins we found during our research, and we honestly believe one of them is the right for your store. We DO NOT earn any commission and reviews are never sponsored.

8 Best Barcode Apps for Shopify

Let's take a look some of the Best Shopify Barcode Apps in 2023. You can click the links below to jump ahead to any plugin 👇
EasyScan: SKU and Barcode

EasyScan: SKU and Barcode

⛩ 506 🚦 5 (91)
💰 From $9.99/month. 10-day free trial.

Using a barcode scanner to pick and pack orders. Scan each item in an order before fulfilling it to avoid fulfillment errors. Ideal for warehouse operations and in-person sales. Quickly conduct inventory updates and checks at any location. Print a report detailing how many of your products were scanned after scanning them all. Easy and rapid inventory updates and transfers are made possible by bin placements. suitable with every scanner. For any issues you might have, we’re available Monday through Friday within 48 hours.

Retail Barcode Labels

Retail Barcode Labels

⛩ Shopify 🚦 2.3 (476)
💰 Free

You can quickly create and print barcode labels for your products using Retail Barcode Labels. Create label templates with the app to fit your various products and applications. Build templates and print labels using the ranges of label sheets from Avery, Dymo, and Zebra. Every printer that is currently connected to your computer or network and secure air-printing from mobile devices are supported by Retail Barcode Labels. Easy bulk label printing will increase your supply.

Retail Barcode Labels, QR code

Retail Barcode Labels, QR code

⛩ Yanet 🚦 5 (52)
💰 Free | Start from $8.99/month

Our Barcode Label app is definitely made for you if you’re seeking for a professional yet user-friendly solution for generating and printing product barcode labels. You are free to design labels with the Yanet Barcode Label program that support a variety of paper sizes, styles, and barcode types to fit your branding and usage needs. You may increase customer brand awareness and streamline other company processes with the aid of a well-designed label.

Multi‑Label Barcodes

Multi‑Label Barcodes

⛩ Cashew Tree Software Inc. 🚦 4.7 (82)
💰 $9.99/month. 5-day free trial.

Make unique barcode labels that provide all the pertinent product information to your consumers and easily and effectively manage your inventory. With Liquid code, you may display almost any product field and manage the formatting of the content. Print product and address labels depending on your Orders as well to aid in fulfillment. The quantity, notes, order number, and other items are among them. Try it now!

 Barcode Man ‑ Label Printing

Barcode Man ‑ Label Printing

⛩ Gookit, Inc. 🚦 4.6 (51)
💰 Free | $4.99/month

With a clean canvas on the screen and the option to drag and drop all the elements from any angle, BarcodeMan is a visual editor. It works with all printers that can print in PDF format.

Kodbar: Barcodes & Labels

Kodbar: Barcodes & Labels

⛩ Now In Store Inc. 🚦 4.5 (23)
💰 From $9/month. 7-day free trial.

You may create and assign barcodes to your products with Kodbar to keep your inventory organized and offer them on various online marketplaces (Amazon, Google Shopping, Walmart Marketplace, etc.) You can effortlessly manage your inventory and new orders with Kodbar’s printing features. You only need to click once to get going! Labels can be tailored to your preferences thanks to support for custom metafields. Label and standard printers are supported (Dymo, Brother, Zebra, Rollo, etc.).

UPC Barcode Manager

UPC Barcode Manager

⛩ DragonDrop Themes 🚦 2 (1)
💰 Free

In order to handle and identify its items, every brand requires UPCs. You may quickly assign UPCs to your brand’s items and variants with UPC Barcode Manager. Maintaining a current and ordered inventory. In order to list your products on well-known third-party marketplaces like Amazon, Google Shopping, and Houzz, you can also buy authentic UPC barcodes. It’s simple to get started and increase the reach of your business thanks to our approachable design and committed customer support team.

Quick Scan ‑ Barcode Scanner

Quick Scan ‑ Barcode Scanner

⛩ Stock Sync 🚦 4.7 (55)
💰 From $5/month. 14-day free trial.

There were several procedures involved in finding every product and updating the inventory. Quick Scan is available to address this issue utilizing a barcode or SKU. You can select the location of the products you want to update with Fast Scan. You can update your product without using the conventional way by using Fast Scan. Remain in front of others. Now try Quick Scan.

We know that choosing the right Shopify app can be daunting. These are the best Shopify apps we found during our research, and we honestly hope one of them is the right one for your store.

If you think there’s an excellent app worthy of this list, drop an email to our team at help @ thrivedesk(dot)com. Until then, happy growing!

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