Community space for creators, influencers & businesses

Having a community helps reduce your marketing costs significantly.

Drive user engagement and increase customer lifetime value by enabling your customers to come together, connect, and collaborate on ideas, discussions, and projects.

Set up a community for every use case

Membership communities

Course communities

Topic-related communities

Product communities

Newsletter communities

Role-specific communities


“We moved from Zendesk to ThriveDesk and I would highly recommend ThriveDesk to everyone. It’s loading time is insane. Our customers are happy with our service and we can build a strong relationship with them.”

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Chief Executive Officer

An intuitive and clear platform to have distraction-free discussions

Privacy First

Organize your discussions in private, public or secret spaces. You can change the privacy settings any time.

Embeddable Content

Embed content directly on your website to

Editable Slug

Change the words in your slug for high SEO rankings. It's one of the indicators Google uses to determine what a page is about.

Host Live Webinars

Host live webinars seamlessly to

Make your discussions seamless and productive

Have discussions around specific topics and tags

Password-protect posts

Comment and reply on posts

Instant post filters

Post private messages

React to posts through emojis

Share attachments

Tags & mentions

Drive in more income by monetizing your community

Paid content pieces

Integrate with your favourite e-commerce or paid platform to charge for value-driven content, webinars, and classes.

Paid membership

Charge members for exclusive access to your members only channel.

Option to donate or sell

Raise money for charities, or embed product buying options inside the community.

Drive engagement, and create long-term brand advocates through gamification

Award rule-based or custom badges


“We’ve been using ThriveDesk for all our SaaS and WordPress products and we are happy with the user experience and solutions provided by ThriveDesk. The customer support is excellent.”

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TechNext Limited

Managing Director

Be ready to manage bigger teams and workflows with advanced moderation capabilities

Other Features

Knowledge base integration for quicker query resolutions for your communities

Escalate tickets if no answer is available on the knowledge base

Easily integrates with your existing tools for deeper insights and smoother workflows

Enjoy a complete white-label community experience

Decide the complete look and feel of your brand through customized designs

Add a custom domain

Single Sign-on (SSO) feature allows your users to use the platform without requiring a new account

Customized & brandable email templates

Thrivedesk’s community platform is highly responsive and mobile-ready too!

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